Meeting The One For Me Chapter 61

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 61-Audrey wrapped her scarf around her and walked down the steps. As soon as she passed the black SUV, she heard Nathan calling her.

“Audrey!” She paused, took a breath, and turned around. He was leaning against the SUV, holding a cigarette.

Seeing her turn around, he put out his cigarette and walked to her.

“I didn’t know Joseph was your cousin. Before I came to the lab, I didn’t know he would also come.” She had done something similar before.

She woke up after lying in bed for two years and wanted to jolt his memory. So, she had found ways to get close to him, but not this time.

“I know.” He stood only one step away from her. “I’m sorry about Aunt Anne.” Her hands tightened. It was the first time he had apologized to her since he lost his memory.

Under the dim street light, he frowned while looking at her calm and indifferent eyes. He suddenly recalled her bright eyes when he secretly kissed her that summer. And he became irritated.

He explained stiffly, “I didn’t mean to push her from the sidewalk. I didn’t expect it would be dangerous. I shouldn’t have said those words that day. It was my fault.” “Are you finished speaking?” she asked. He didn’t understand what she meant.

“Nathan, I have nothing to do with you anymore. We should treat each other as strangers,” she said calmly and turned to leave.

But he grabbed her arm. “I have something to ask you!” She pulled out her arm. “Go ahead.” “We didn’t do anything that night, right?” He had been thinking about this issue. Since the drug Charles gave wasn’t a truth–telling drug, he couldn’t confirm whether she told the truth.

Especially when he asked, her initial response was if he wished they had actually slept together.

“What should I say to make you believe me? Do I have to sleep with someone else to make you rest assured?” Her tone was unkind, and she heaved violently with anger.

His mouth parted slightly..

He looked at her back when she turned away firmly. He wanted to say something else to stop her but failed.

Holding back his anger, he turned around, got in the car, and slammed the door hard.

He knew she was here. But he still came when his mother asked him to send Joseph to Cloudmill University.

He hated her the most and didn’t want to see her. He always felt annoyed about her pestering him.

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