Meeting The One For Me Chapter 59

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 59-It was New Year’s day in Cloudmill, so Diego gave everyone a holiday.

Without Anne, Audrey and Harper spent the time together. After burying Anne’s ashes, they packed up their things and headed to Cloudmill before school started.

Audrey put the house un to Harper’s living expenses.

rent with an agency. Although the rent was low, it could subsidize part of Harper was happy about transferring to a new school. She wasn’t reluctant to leave her previous school but felt a vague relief.

When she sent Harper to the Cloudmill Junior High School dormitory, she felt relieved as Harper roommates were good girls.

Remembering that her menstrual period had gotten delayed for almost a month, she bought a pregnancy test kit on the way back to her dormitory.

As it was her first time using it, she studied for a long time before finding the correct way.

Five minutes later, she was startled when she saw the two bars. She turned pale.

She was pregnant after a one–night stand!

She didn’t believe the fact and bought a few more pregnancy test kits. It was the same result.

She stared at the pregnancy test kits in the sink. They were all showing parallel bars. She leaned against the sink while clenching her hands.

It seemed Ryan was still overseas. Even if he were in Cascadia, it would still be useless if she told him. She still had to have an abortion.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated. Seeing it was Daphne, she picked it up. “Hello, Daphne.” “Audrey, a newbie is coming to our lab soon! The old geezer asked me to call you so he can introduce him to us!” Daphne said.

She called Diego old geezer, probably because she had known him since childhood.

“Okay, I’ll be right over.” After hanging up the phone, Audrey threw the pregnancy test kits into the trash can, put on her coat, and went out.

Diego was already introducing Joseph to everyone when she arrived at the laboratory. Seeing her come in, he told Joseph, “She’s Audrey Yeomans.” Joseph turned to look at her, feeling that she looked familiar. But he couldn’t remember where he had seen her before. He smiled and reached out. “Hello, I’m Joseph Gough.

He knew almost everyone else in the laboratory as he met them before during competitions. He always had meals with the Cascadia team and became familiar with them.

She greeted him, “Hello,”

During this period, she was popular on the internet. It was normal if he felt her familiar. So, she didn’t take it seriously and smiled.

“But I think you’re hitting on Audrey! You must know she is single!” Justin seemed to be very familiar with Joseph and slung an arm around his shoulders. He smiled and told her, “Audrey, he is single too!” Joseph blushed when he heard that. He nudged Justin.“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Since Daphne was pregnant, she was in charge of organizing data. She was no longer allowed to enter the laboratory.

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