Meeting The One For Me Chapter 58

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 58-Suddenly, several messages popped up in the WhatsApp group chat. Audrey opened her phone and took a look. It was the laboratory group chat.

Justin sent good news to the group. “I’m going to be a dad! Don’t sleep! Get up and congratulate mel” AzureSky responded, “You’re the dad, not us. Don’t go crazy in the group early in the morning!” WannaSleep wrote, “Oh, Daphne is pregnant! Congrats to Daphine and Justin! When will the wedding be held? We’re waiting for the banquet!” WannaRest sent, “Congrats to Justin and Daphnel” HandsomeJustin answered, “We’ll take half a day off to get a certificate today.

I’ll invite you all to the banquet!” Audrey wrote, “Congrats to Justin and Daphine!‘ After replying to the message, she suddenly thought of that night with Ryan in Sheysea City.

Her heartbeat was a little fast. Although she was drugged, she clearly remembered every detail of her time with him.

They didn’t take contraceptive measures.

After sleeping with him, she had been a mess. Due to her lack of experience, she didn’t take emergency contraceptive pills.

Only the sound of the printer printing sounded in the room. She leaned against the printer and fell into a panic.

She believed it shouldn’t be that easy to get pregnant.

It wasn’t her menstrual period yet. Once her menstrual period arrived as scheduled, she should be fine.

This week, she had been running data and occasionally glanced at pop–up news. Ryan, the CEO of Lambert Corporation, and his team were discussing chip cooperation ventures overseas.

In these years, atomic chips had dominated Cascadia’s technological development. As Cascadia couldn’t make up for this shortage, Ryan led the team to discuss chip cooperation.

In the news photos, he was in a slim suit, sitting in the conference room. The Cascadia flag and Lambert Corporation’s logo flag were before him.

He calmly looked at the foreigners opposite while listening carefully to his team executives with a dignified temperament.

His facial features and powerful aura made him prominent in the conference room.

She looked through the comments below. Some people analyzed the cooperation’s impact on the country’s development if it succeeded, while others were pessimistic.

For some people, on the contrary, the focus was on his appearance.

KeepSecret: “Don’t be too ridiculous! Being a CEO or a star, of course he must choose the former!” SugarCandies: “Wow! I announce that he’s my new hubby! He’s so handsome!” YummyFish: “Oh dear! He fits the suit and those gold–rimmed glasses, and his height is well- proportioned! He fits my aesthetic so well!”

She locked her phone screen and pondered. Her menstrual period hadn’t come yet.

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