Meeting The One For Me Chapter 57

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 57-As far as Nathan could remember, he had never apologized to anyone. Even if Audrey answered the call, what was he supposed to say?

Meanwhile, Ryan had already boarded the private jet with the Lambert Corporation’s main executives.

He browsed through the program clips and trending topics on the Internet.

Seeing the trend turn positive, he was relieved.

After handing the tablet to Julian, Ryan glanced at his watch.

It was time for a brief company meeting.

Ryan picked up the documents, walking toward the back as he instructed Julian, “Get someone to keep an eye on the Internet and be ready to control the trend at any time.” “Rest assured, I’ve told the secretarial department to keep an eye on the matter before departure.” Julian followed Ryan. “They will post the videos of Audrey’s award–winning speech at intervals.” Among the acceptance speeches, many of the competitions were not made public in the media. But Julian would send someone to the scene every time and film the whole process for Ryan.

Over time, he kept a collection of videos of How’s every ear Julian thought Ryan’s concern for Audrey had exceeded that for an orphaned relative.

As the person who had worked for Ryan for the longest time, he knew well that Ryan was not the over- sympathetic type.

He even had the absurd illusion that Ryan’s care for Audrey was more like a man’s for a woman.

It almost seemed like Ryan had a crush on Audrey yet dared not confess openly, protecting her quietly and helping her secretly.

If Audrey weren’t blood–related to Ryan, Julian would have asked him about this.

On Saturday, Audrey took Harper to Cloudmill Museum and several scenic spots.

also un.

Her seniors invited Harper to the laboratory, claiming to cultivate her passion for biology so as to recruit a member for the future biological field.

Before Audrey and Harper returned to Eastville on Sunday afternoon, Daphne brought the news that Harper could transfer to Cloudmill Junior High School next semester.

With her excellent test scores, Harper qualified for the top class. Still, considering her special condition, she would be assigned to the ordinary class for a start.

According to the system of Cloudmill Junior High School, classes would be rearranged based on students‘ results after the midterm exam. By then, Harper would be reassigned to a class.

Audrey thought of discussing with Diego about staying with Harper at home during this period and then coming to Cloudmill with her when the semester began.

The problem was that all the experimental data in her hand was not allowed to be taken out of the laboratory Before drying her halt after a shower, Harper sat Audrey down on the bed.

“I can go to school and cook meals myself. I used to take care of myself when Mom was not around.”

“During this time, I’ll call and message you every day. Don’t worry about me. I’m independent.” Harper smiled.

Audrey never doubted her ability to live independently.

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