Meeting The One For Me Chapter 54

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 54-Audrey’s eyes were moist when she saw the topic trendingAfter all, she had appeared on “Looking For Family” just to increase the sentencing of trafficking buyers with the program’s influence.

Meanwhile, videos of Audrey’s speech calling attention to human trafficking every time she won an award in recent years surfaced on the Internet.

Someone had also dug out all the news on her donation of every winning prize to the fund for searching for abductees since junior high school.

This also proved that she wasn’t putting on a show.

Ravioli: “Human trafficking buyer’s sentences.” “It’s likely because her mother has been through it that she wants to give a hand to others in the same. boat, no matter how difficult it is!” FlowerCat: “Trafficking buyers should be given heavier sentences. No demand, no crime!” “I cried my heart out! This lady has been working to call attention to human trafficking since she was young!” BitterCow: “Human trafficking buyer’s sentences.” “This young lady insists on calling attention to human trafficking, probably because she wishes to save her mother!

“Maybe she has thought countless times that if the buyer’s sentences could have been increased back then, her mother might not have been abducted, leaving her family in tears!” CloudHeaven: “Trafficking buyers should be given heavier sentences. No demand, no crime!” “Everybody, please attach the topic when you forward it. Let’s boost the subject so that more people.

can see it!” FreeOrangeThousand Postage: “Trafficking buyers should be given heavier sentences. No demand, no crime!” “Oh my, her acceptance speech for the first gold medal in the Olympic Games was to call attention to human trafficking. What a peerless beauty, pitiful yet strong!” The Yeomanses also received tons of criticism.

LyingFlat: “Shocking recording! Coveting grandfather’s property in the name of looking for mother.” “Fuck, what a calculating family! After killing someone else’s daughter, they even covet her family property. How could there be such filthy swine?” CrazyYou: “Spread rumors to force abandoned daughter to marry a cripple for a wedding gift of 30 Chart thousand dollars.” 2/2 “Nowadays the Internet is so developed that one can be angered without even leaving home! What kind of monsters are those in Sayeno Town?‘ Right now, anyone who dared attack Audrey with the scandal at Sheysea University again would soon be silenced by netizens who were angry with the Yeomanses.

LittleGirlBigLove: “Sheysea University’s Audrey drugged a man to sleep with her.” “I don’t believe a young lady like her would do such a thing as drugging a man to sleep with her!

“The man has already issued a letter of apology. Why do so many people still not believe the rumors and insist on twisting it into a conspiracy?

man who gets hurt?

“Whenever sexual rumors are spread, or a scandal occurs, why is it always the wom Harper hugged Audrey. Seeing tears in Audrey’s eyes, she signed to Audrey.

Audrey nodded. “Yes!” In the early morning, George sat on the couch in his study at the Lambert Residence, watching the program on his tablet.

Despite turning the tablet’s volume low, he could clearly hear every word Audrey uttered.

After a while, George removed his glasses and covered his eyes.

Although he was unwilling to admit it, he realized Audrey had hyped this program for the sake of saving more women like Wanda!

Thud! Thud!

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