Meeting The One For Me Chapter 51

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 51-“Yeomans spread rumors to force abandoned daughter to marry a cripple for a wedding gift of 30 thousand dollars.” Viewership numbers of the “Looking For Family” program had risen quite steadily. When lan invited Audrey onstage, the ratings skyrocketed.

On the screen, Audrey gripped the microphone and spoke slowly, “I heard what the Yeomanses said when I was backstage earlier. Mrs. Yeomans said she had been kind to the so–called daughter–in–law she bought for 30 thousand dollars.

“She claimed to have fed my biological mother when she was unwell, but she didn’t mention that Wayne had beaten my mother so badly that she was unable to feed herself.” at home, and Dad ever laid a finger on her! Audrey, you can’t be so unconscionable as to slander Dad!” along with faceless photos of a wretched body covered in scars.

Audrey explained, “This is the injury report that Mr. Lambert asked the hospital to issue after my mother escaped from Sayeno Town before she died.” Red lines marked the key points of the injury report.

“Big and small, new and old injuries were visible. There were 28 fractures around the body, and small pieces of the skull were also missing.” Audrey continued, “This picture was taken by the police. This is where my mother was imprisoned by the Yeomans family.” She looked up at the big screen.

The damp and moldy basement had been photographed when the police filed a case years ago. Inside stood a blood–stained bed and iron chains, as well as bloody marks when Wanda had scratched the walls. It was a gruesome sight to behold.

Audrey divulged, “My mother was abducted to Sayeno Town when she was 16 years old. She gave birth to me at 17. During her imprisonment, she was continuously forced to conceive and give birth.

“Whenever the baby was a girl, the midwife in Sayeno Town would throw her onto the floor or scald her to death with boiling water. She did this before me and my mother every time, without exception.

Because of this, my mother lost her mind.” According to the story that the Lambert family had fashioned for Wanda, she had been abducted at the age of 16. But in fact, Wanda had been abducted when she was 15 and had given birth to her first child, Audrey, by 16.

“My mother was trapped in a living hell for over ten years until the end of her life.” Audrey clutched the microphone tightly.

“Everyone in the Yeomans family is a devil who tortured my mother in hell. That of my mother!

“The evidence of sin itself is innocent, but sin is sin. If we still have a conscience, we should never disturb the victim’s father, Mr. Lambert, for the rest of our lives, whatever reason there may be. Unless the so–called family reunion comes with ulterior motives, such as coveting Mr. Lambert’s property.” Daphne watched as Audrey calmly recounted the past on the screen. She looked at Audrey with disbelief as she spooned food onto her plate.

“Before the recording of today’s program, Mr. Turner suggested that I hand over the phone recording to the production team without revealing my identity so as not to cause trouble in the future.

“But I know if I hadn’t shown up, the Yeomanses would disclose my information and spread false sexual rumors about me after the program is broadcast.

crazy, four committed suicide, and seven died in childbirth.


“Ever since I can remember, whenever my mother went into labor, I was taken to the basement of her imprisonment, then beaten and abused.

“The Yeomanses believe a daughter’s misery could scare any girl from wanting to be born into the Yeomans family. The burns on my body are from that time.”

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