Meeting The One For Me Chapter 45

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 45-“Today the second son of EF Group, Matteo Russo, came to the company in person to discuss the endorsements. Everyone thought he was there for the award–winning actor, Quinton Lewis. But they said they needed a female endorser in Cascadia and mentioned your name!

“Rita’s manager promoted Rita. We’re all from the same company so I didn’t expose the shortcomings of the celebrities she manages. But she mentioned your secret love affair with Nathan, the son of the Franklin Group!” Yolanda put her hand on the dressing table and looked at Amelia with bright eyes.

“When she was done talking, Mr. Russo said that he was looking for Nathan’s girlfriend. He hopes Nathan’s girlfriend will be EF Group’s endorser in Cascadia!

This is like a novel brought to life!” Amelia looked surprised. She wondered if Matteo had come for Nathan.

That couldn’t be possible. The Franklin family was indeed the top family in Sheysea City, but how could a world–class luxury brand like EF Group have anything to do with the Franklin family?

“Be honest with me. Do you know he was the second son of EF Group when you saved him?” Yolanda asked.

“What?” Amelia was confused. “I saved him? I don’t even know the second son of EF Group!” As she spoke, she looked like she had remembered something. Her heart started beating faster.

An assumption came to Amelia’s mind, but she didn’t want to bring it up. She said, “If he said he’s coming to look for Nathan’s girlfriend, he might know Nathan. I’ll call and ask him later.” “That’s not it!” Yolanda furrowed her brows and continued, “Mr. Russo knows that I’m your manager. He even asked me to thank you. He said you saved him in Itaylio seven years ago but didn’t tell him your name. He saw your boyfriend pull you up to stop you from doing CPR before he passed out, and heard you say his name angrily.

“You were wearing a varsity jacket from Sheysea University. However, he didn’t know which university the varsity jacket was from, so he could only investigate based on Nathan’s name. He’s been searching for many years.

“Before Mr. Russo left, he said he’d like to have a meal with you in the next few days if you’re available.” Amelia tightened her grip on the script.

Nathan and Audrey were in a relationship seven years ago.

If it was in Itaylio seven years ago, it was probably when Audrey had gone there for a contest, and Nathan went with her.

Studying the bad look on Amelia’s face, Yolanda made a guess. She asked softly, “Did Mr. Russo find the wrong person? Was it Nathan’s ex–girlfriend? The one who woke up from a coma?” Amelia bit her lips and looked up. “Reject the endorsement, Yolanda. Mr. Russo found the wrong person!” “Reject the endorsement? My dear Amy! Don’t you know what it means to endorse EF Group? This is a chance for you to rise! Once you become an endorser, you’ll be a top star!” Yolanda leaned over to hold Amelia’s shoulders. She said, “Amy, even though it’s a bit unethical to say… Mr. Russo is looking for Nathan’s girlfriend. You’re Nathan’s girlfriend. You’re also a brilliant student from Sheysea University!” “But… “That ex–girlfriend of his isn’t in the entertainment industry! She doesn’t need this big break!” Yolanda put the water bottle down to persuade Amelia. She was afraid that Amelia would be too ethical and reject the endorsement.

After all, Matteo had wishfully thought that Amelia was the one who had saved him.

Amelia knitted her brows together and remained silent. There was a conflicted expression on her face.

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