Meeting The One For Me Chapter 43

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 43-If the matter from four years ago was exposed, it would be hard to convince the public that Audrey’s foster mother had accidentally pushed Amelia. Anne would be at the center of attention again.

Audrey and Ryan wouldn’t want to see that happen.

Nathan was even more annoyed as he thought about Audrey.

When he discovered that Charles hadn’t given Audrey the truth serum, he had wondered, “Did Audrey and Charles sleep together that night?” He didn’t know. He had no impression of it at all.

Nathan didn’t know how long it took, but he fell asleep with a mix of complicated emotions.

A gust of cold wind blew into the well–heated room through the open window.

The icy breeze gently blew over the tip of Nathan’s nose and his long eyelashes as if touching a cold gemstone.

In his sleep, Nathan’s fingers moved under the pillow.

In his dream, he was gazing at Audrey, She had fallen asleep on top of some pieces of paper. He couldn’t help but reach his hand out to brush away her fringe.

He controlled his heavy breathing as he lowered his head slowly to get closer to Audrey’s face. The faint smell of the gardenias made his heart beat violently.

He watched Audrey’s long and thick eyelashes intently. When the tip of his nose touched the bridge of hers, it was delicate and cold. His cheek grew hot as if it was going to burn.

He stared at her full, pink lips. His hand gripped the back of the chair. His Just as Nathan’s thin lips touched Audrey’s cold lips, she suddenly opened her eyes.

The noise of birds chirping outside the window in the summertime and the loud hum of the air conditioner filled the air.

They looked at each other.

Nathan’s brain turned to mush, and his heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest.

He stood up suddenly and couldn’t say a word. He rushed out the door and ran downstairs. The sound of his pounding heartbeat filled his ears.

The window was blown open by the icy wind. The windows hit the wall with a loud bang.

Nathan’s eyes flew open at once. His violent heartbeat continued from his dream to reality. He breathed heavily as his throat felt dry and tight. He looked at the open window.

He wondered if it had been a dream or if that really had happened… Nathan couldn’t lie to himself. He hadn’t felt that way since losing his memories.

His phone rang, shocking Nathan back to his senses.

from his heart.

After calming down, he picked up the phone. He asked, “Is your leg better, sweetie?”

“How about you? Does it still hurt today?” Amelia asked with concern.

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