Meeting The One For Me Chapter 39

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 39-Audrey found it laughable that Nathan had posted her photos merely to threaten Amelia into staying.

“Ugh, what a jerk!” Azure expressed her disdain.

“Seriously, these kinds of guys are the worst!” “In these situations, it’s usually the women who suffer!” Audrey’s colleagues didn’t probe into her identity further. Instead, they started ranting about such despicable men.

Audrey looked up at the TV again.

In the program, Donna spewed harsh words. The host, lan, coughed twice to interrupt Donna. He said, “After our investigation, it appears that your mother has indeed passed away.

Before Ian could finish, Donna cut him off.

Now that she’s gone, he has no relatives left! Audrey is a girl and a shameless one at that! She’s definitely unreliable!

grandfather. It’s Anne and Audrey who are eyeing his grandfather’s wealth. They grandfather is old now, all alone…” “You’re speaking nonsense!” Anne, visibly upset, pointed at Donna. “Audrey hasn’t been in touch with her grandfather in years. She’s afraid of reopening his old wounds. You’re clearly after Audrey’s grandfather’s house, and you want him The discussion in the restaurant exploded, “They really are after the old man’s wealth!” “You can tell from that old lady’s words she’s definitely eyeing it.

“It could also be a Lambert rivalry over their grandfather’s estate.

Lambert, and had a phone. conversation with him. To protect Mr. Lambert’s privacy, we’ve altered his voice. Let’s listen.” “I don’t want to see either of those children.” George Lambert’s voice, even altered, sounded very cultured. “Thinking of them reminds me of the torture my daughter endured, and how she died on the operating table. My wife died of grief because of my daughter.

“The Yeomans are animals. They’re living evidence of my daughter’s suffering. I wish they would leave me in peace for the rest of my life. When I die, all my property will be donated to a foundation for rescuing trafficked women and children. That’s my decision.” The phone call ended there.

The audience seemed to understand.

In this case, although the children were not at fault, their existence was a testament to the crime. It was only natural that the elderly man didn’t want to see the children born out of his daughter’s tragic circumstances.

The family tried to leverage their blood relation to George to claim his property.

“What do you mean he’s give the property to others?” Wayne yelled with The audience’s perspectives were refreshed.

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