Meeting The One For Me Chapter 37

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 37-“Get out! Just go!” Audrey cried out.

Her whole body was trembling. Her eyes were bloodshot, like a demon from hell.

She glared at Nathan and waved her arms weakly. “Go away!” Ryan looked at Nathan. “Do you need Mr. Franklin to ask you to leave?” Nathan Nathan glanced at Ryan, whose face was cold and stern. Seeing the coldness in Ryan’s eyes, quickly took Amelia’s hand and walked away. Before entering the elevator, he couldn’t help but look back at Audrey.

“It’s been a tough day for you. Go home and rest,” Ryan said to Hugo.

Ryan understood the situation. Hugo had taken care of everything when Anne had the accident.

Hugo didn’t want to leave when he saw Audrey collapse into Ryan’s arms.

Julian gestured to Hugo to leave. “Mr. Stewart… “Please do your best to comfort Audrey,” he said. After all, Ryan and Audrey were relatives. Audrey would probably listen to Ryan.

Hugo walked to the elevator, then turned back to see Ryan gently stroking Audrey’s head. He whispered something to her. Audrey clutched his wool coat tightly and buried her face in his arms, crying uncontrollably.

“Call me if anything happens,” Hugo told Julian.

“Okay.” Julian kept the elevator door open, waiting for Hugo to enter.

Julian watched as the elevator doors closed. He stood still, waiting in the elevator lobby.

The funeral home staff arrived. Although Audrey was exhausted and overwhelmed, she gathered her strength to clean Anne’s face and bod and changed her clothes.

Audrey followed them to carry out the necessary preparations. She cried as she filled out the paperwork for the transfer of the body.

When it was done, she sat on a bench under a streetlight. She held the hospital bill and death. certificate in her hands and sobbed hysterically.

Ryan stood next to Audrey. He was holding an umbrella, shielding her from the drizzling rain mingling with the dim yellow light.

After a while, Ryan crouched down. He gently stroked her head and held her in his arms.

“I was wrong, I really was…” Audrey sobbed and muttered, “I shouldn’t have gone back to the Franklin family with Nathan. I shouldn’t have been with him. I was wrong, I really was… “Julian,” Ryan called out.

Julian ran over to them, and Ryan handed him the umbrella. Ryan then carried Audrey into the car.

By the time they got back to the villa, it was daytime, Even though Audrey was exhausted and asleep, her tears never stopped. After putting her on the bed, Ryan noticed his shoulder was completely wet He sat by the bed, watching Audrey as she mumbled in her sleep. He raised bis hand to brush away the hair sticking to her face.

He eventually stood up and closed the curtains. Then, he turned off the bedside lamp and walked out of the bedroom.

“The driver was a novice. He just got his license not long ago. It was an unexpected accident.” Julian said in a low voice, “There was no foul play.”

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