Meeting The One For Me Chapter 40

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 40-When he saw Ryan’s deep eyes looking at him, Julian switched off the tablet.

Despite the pressure Ryan was putting on him, he continued in a serious tone, “Your status is special. Mr. Lambert Senior didn’t want you to have any further contact with Audrey. But you’ve disobeyed. him many times for her over the years. You even supported the Franklin Group for her.

“Mr. Lambert Senior is already very unhappy. If you don’t obey his arrangements regarding your marriage, I’m afraid it’ll be tough for you to take over the Lambert Corporation in the future.” Ryan had helped Audrey discreetly despite the pressure from his grandfather, but never said anything about it. If Audrey was the daughter–in–law of the Franklin Group, she could help Ryan in the future.

But now, Audrey had no idea how much Ryan helped her. Not to mention, if Audrey couldn’t bear Ryan’s kindness any longer, she wouldn’t help him after she got divorced.

“Get out,” Ryan ordered coldly.

Julian pursed his lips. He knew he couldn’t persuade Ryan, so he apologized and left the study.

… When Audrey arrived at the door of Anne’s small store in Eastville, she found Harper ringing up a customer’s purchase. She was wearing a light–blue down jacket and having her hair tied up in a high ponytail.

Harper’s homework also sat on top of the glass cashier’s desk She carefully placed the customer’s snacks in a plastic bag and calculated the total amount on a calculator. She accepted the ten dollar note, then handed the necessary change to the customer with a smile.

When Harper saw Audrey, she hurriedly walked out from behind the desk. Even if she noticed that Audrey wasn’t carrying a suitcase, she didn’t question it.

Harper took Audrey’s cold hand and walked into the shop. There was a heater behind the desk, and it was warm inside.

Harper was tall and thin. She gestured for Audrey to warm herself near the heater. Then, she poured out a mug of hot water and gave it to Audrey.

Harper had watched the “Looking For Family” program on Friday night and she was very worried about Audrey.

In Harper’s eyes, Audrey was the best. The host had teased the recording in next week’s episode, but she had a feeling that there had to be a reversal.

Audrey was definitely going to expose the evil Yeomans family.

Audrey took the mug and asked, “I thought you had hired someone to work at the store. Why are you here?” Harper had no hearing problems. They took her to the hospital when she was little.

2/2 The doctor said that her vocal chords were fine. They deduced that she’d probably gone through some psychological trauma when she was younger, which rendered her unwilling to talk.

However, Harper didn’t want to receive therapy and refused to see the psychologist.

Therefore, Anne insisted on sending Harper to a normal school. She wanted Harper to get more contact with other children and hoped that she would speak one day.

Harper moved her hands, saying, “It’s 100 dollars a day for Mom to hire Aunt Mary to work at the shop. I’m free on the weekends. I can mind the store.

Where’s Mom?” At the mention of Anne, Audrey gripped the mug tightly and her eyes were sore.

She looked down and couldn’t hold back her tears.

Harper had a premonition. Her face turned pale instantly. She stood still and clenched her fists.

Harper’s eyes widened then burst into tears.

“What happened to Mom?” Harper signed.

“Aunt Anne was in a car accident and didn’t make it. They’re delivering her body here.”

She grabbed Audrey’s clothes and shook her. She didn’t understand why a good person like her mother was in a car accident.

Anne had a miserable life. She hadn’t waited until Harper and Audrey had become successful to live at good life.

Anne hadn’t heard her speak. Anne hadn’t heard her call her Mom…

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