Meeting The One For Me Chapter 292

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 292-“When are you leaving the Lambert family and coming back? My dad’s side is ready. As soon as you come back, we can take Henry down anytime!” Daniel added, “My side is also prepared. The car accident can be arranged immediately as long as you give us a date.” Ryan glanced at the two children still playing, his brows slightly furrowed. “Let’s walt until after I finish the handover at the Lambert Corporation. I’ve waited for so many years, I can wait a little longer.” Just as he finished speaking with Daniel, Audrey opened the door and entered.

“I’ll hang up now.” Ryan ended the call and saw Audrey holding the pajamas.

“Paige prepared them?” “Yes.” Audrey smiled and nodded. “It’s already late, you should rest early too.” “Can’t Daddy sleep with us?” Lily looked up, and her shiny black eyes blinked in confusion. “I want to sleep with Dallas and Daddy in the middle!” “I don’t want to!” Dallas poked Lily’s face with disdain. “Don’t forget, you have to call him Mr. Lambert in this house!” Lily felt a bit aggrieved, rubbing her chubby face. “Okay…” “It’s been a long time since you’ve seen the two children, you should rest early with them.” Ryan put his phone back in his pocket. “I’ll go to the study to check on Mr.

Lambert Senior.” “Okay.” Seeing Ryan leave, Lily immediately hugged Audrey’s leg. “Mommy! Can you help me and Dallas with something?” “What is it?” Audrey asked.

“We want to make pasta for Mr. Lambert Senior. The dough was already prepared today, and we rolled out a long strand with Wandflower.

Initially, Wandflower promised to cook the noodles with us, but she hasn’t been feeling well since this afternoon, so she took medicine to sleep early. The dough is still in the refrigerator,” Dallas said.

Even though it was already this late, this was the children’s heartfelt intention.

Audrey set down the pajamas in her hands and hugged the two children.

“Alright! Mommy will help you!” Ryan sat on the single couch in the study, watching George as he silently looked out the window.

“When you decided to adopt a child, you immediately chose me. The police convinced Professor Lambert to admit that I was his nephew and allowed you to adopt me. You did this to protect me–the Kingston family bloodline–from retaliation.

“So, a month later, I will arrange a car accident to make Ryan quietly disappear from this world, without implicating the Lambert family.” “Ryan, I’ve watched you grow up. As long as you don’t reveal your relationship with the Kingston family, who would know you’re part of their bloodline? You can still be my adopted son.” He continued, “All these years, you’ve taken good care of Audrey, and I’ve seen it all. Why are you unwilling to stay in the Lambert Corporation to help her now?” George sat at his desk and pulled a document from the drawer.

“This is my will. My shares, assets, and some properties both local and abroad, are and into three parts. One for Wanda, one for you, and one for Audrey.

“The antiques, calligraphy, and paintings I own will also be divided into three parts: for you, Audrey, and the two children.” “Give the portion that was originally meant for me to Audrey and the two children,” Ryan said without hesitation.

Seeing Ryan’s determination to leave, George closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Is it really inevitable?” Ryan rested his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands tightly.

After a moment of silence, he spoke slowly with his head bowed, “I can’t forget the scene of my parents dying in front of me. My mother was trapped by the seatbelt, but she tried her hardest to undo mine. The harder she pulled, the tighter the seatbelt became.” Even now, whenever Ryan closed his eyes, he saw his parents desperately trying to save

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