Meeting The One For Me Chapter 27

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 27-Lucas passed a cigarette to Nathan and sat down beside him.

Nathan accepted the cigarette and asked, “What kind of person is Audrey?” Lucas turned his head to look at Nathan with a curious expression as he shielded the flame of his lighter with one hand. “Ever since Audrey woke up, anyone who mentioned her to you got the cold shoulder. Why the sudden interest? Did you remember something?” “I’m just worried she’ll come back to cause trouble,” Nathan replied, trying to hide his embarrassment. He lit his cigarette and added, “I have no memory of her and don’t understand her character. It’s been bothering me.” “You’re worrying unnecessarily,” Lucas said calmly, exhaling a cloud of smoke.

“Audrey, despite her humble origins, has always been proud and aloof. In my memory, she’d always been someone who sticks to her words, especially when it came to you… “How so?” When Nathan pressed him for more, Lucas didn’t immediately answer. He looked at Nathan with a complicated expression. “Nathan, now that you’re divorced from Audrey, as you wanted, stop dwelling on your past with her. If you want to have a good relationship with Amelia, look forward.” He watched as Nathan frowned and smoked in silence. Lucas suddenly straightened his back and asked, “Be honest… did you remember something?” “No,” Nathan replied. He looked down and flicked the ash off his cigarette. He denied it stubbornly, I’m just concerned she might play tricks. I’m afraid she’ll come back and affect me and Amelia.” Lucas thought carefully about Audrey’s demeanor and actions when she got her certificate. He confidently replied, “From my understanding of Audrey, she completely let go the day she went to get the divorce certificate with you.” “Really?” Nathan bit his cigarette, exhaling a thin mist. His gaze dropped to his phone, muttering, That’s good.” “I heard from Amelia’s cousin, Charles, that you let slip to the Yeomans family that Audrey was in Sheysea University?” Lucas asked, fiddling with his lighter.

Nathan remained silent. He had, indeed.

That happened about a month and a half before he and Audrey were drugged and ended up together.

Tired of Audrey’s persistence, and Amelia’s insistence on waiting for him to remember his ” thought of the Yeomans family.

Initially, all he’d wanted was for the Yeomans to take Audrey away from Sheysea, to trap her in Sayeno Town forever.

past, he Unexpectedly, the Yeomans assumed Audrey’s maternal grandfather was funding her education. So, they set their sights on her grandfather’s wealth and contacted the “Looking for Family” show.

“After the show was recorded, the family caused a scene outside the Sheysea TV station. That old woman even threatened to jump off the building, accusing the show of bullying them and colluding with Audrey,” Lucas recalled with a frown.

He continued, “They even did a livestream earlier. They publicly revealed Audrey’s information and ordered netizens to attack her online. Luckily, the livestream was shut down.

Nathan’s head snapped up upon hearing this.

“Actually…” Lucas took a long drag of his cigarette, gathering his courage. He continued, “I didn’t tell Audrey the whole truth that day at the hospital.” Nathan’s lips moved slightly. “What truth?”

Nathan looked shocked.

But if it was indeed Jen who drugged Hugo. Everything made sense. He really had misunderstood. Audrey.

Lucas looked earnestly at Nathan through the drifting smoke.

He said, “So, it’s time to let Audrey go.”

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