Meeting The One For Me Chapter 268

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 268-Hugo nodded. “Alright, then Edmond and I will take our leave.” After Hugo and Edmond left, Carol sat down beside Nathan. “I don’t know how much of your memory has returned, but it’s impossible for you and Audrey now.

“Forget all the things you did before to pressure Audrey into divorcing you. Even now, everyone knows about your engagement to Amelia.” Nathan sat still on the sofa, silent.

Carol grabbed his hand. “Nathan, even though I didn’t like Amelia before… Compared to Audrey, at least Amelia is now an international superstar. She’s still the lifesaver of Mr.


“Amelia loves you. Now that you’ve separated from her, there’s no guarantee that she won’t cause trouble for you behind your back!” “Can you please stop talking!” Nathan’s voice was hoarse, and he didn’t want to hear another word.

In his mind, all he could see were images of Audrey telling him never to appear in front of her again. The memory of her indifferent gaze pierced him.

The Audrey of the past had always looked at him with those loving, bright eyes.

“Though it may not sound pleasant, I’m your mother, and there are some things I must say!

Carol gritted her teeth and continued, “Audrey is only related to the Lambert family through adoption! Ryan definitely wouldn’t dare to let Mr. Lambert Senior know that he secretly cared for relatives from his previous family behind his back.

“Otherwise, we would’ve received an invitation to Mr. Lambert Senior’s birthday banquet. when we were raising Audrey! To Ryan, Audrey is not as impressive as his college alumni!” “Can you please stop talking! I don’t want to hear it!” Nathan stood up abruptly, throwing the towel onto the coffee table.

“Nathan! Is this how you talk to your mother?” Carol also stood up, unable to contain her anger. “Your father is like this, and now you! Are you trying to drive me crazy?” Nathan didn’t reply. He loosened his tie and headed upstairs.

“Nathan! You’re an adult now, not the spoiled little boy from before! You’ve taken over the Franklin Group and are now responsible for it!” Carol watched her son’s back as he walked upstairs.

She followed him up a few steps and said, “I don’t like Audrey or Amelia! But Audrey is just a village girl from Sayeno Town! And her biological father is a rapist! Being with her will only bring ridicule upon you!” Nathan covered his ears, feeling annoyed.

Seeing Nathan like this, Carol became even more furious.

Raising her voice, she yelled, “If that child of Audrey’s is yours, we’ll take her back no matter what! But I won’t even consider having Audrey as our family’s daughter–in–law again!” Nathan’s response was the loud slam of a door.

“You! Nathan, why don’t you just kill me and let your father bring that wild woman back to be your mother!” Carol sat on the couch, her eyes filled with tears and swirling with emotion.

Neither her husband nor her son gave her any peace of mind.

Thinking back to how her son was fascinated with Audrey in the past, Carol became even more furious.

There was no way Audrey would have become a part of the Franklin family if it weren’t for Nathan’s insistence and his impulsive decision to marry her.

Later on, Audrey had an accident on the day they got married. Nathan then lost his memory, while Audrey fell into a coma.

Carol felt blessed upon hearing the news.

At that time, after their family paid for Audrey’s medical expenses out of moral obligation, they left her at the hospital without further care.

After all, Nathan had forgotten about Audrey, and no one could be blamed for her accident.

Later, Carol thought that Audrey’s life would be over after hearing that Ryan had arranged for Audrey to be transferred under Hannah’s care.

She never expected that Audrey would wake up!

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