Meeting The One For Me Chapter 264

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 264-Even if he were to kneel and apologize now, it wouldn’t be enough. He didn’t know what he could do for Audrey, or how he could make her future better.

Nathan only dared to look up and gaze at Audrey when he heard her footsteps recede.

“Aud…” Nathan choked up, unable to produce a sound.

When he saw Audrey walk up to the bodyguard, he suppressed his emotions and cried out, Audrey! What do I need to do to make you stop hating me?” Nathan’s voice was thick with tears.

Audrey paused briefly and then turned her head calmly to look at Nathan.

“Never appear in my life again.” Nathan stood frozen, feeling like the whole world had collapsed around him.

Watching Audrey enter the car, Nathan could no longer hold back and rushed toward her.

Audrey said to the bodyguard as soon as the car door closed, “Drive.” Nathan rushed toward the car door and pounded on the window, crying, “Audrey, you can’t leave me! You promised you wouldn’t leave me! You promised you’d grow old with me.

“Punish me! Audrey, I was wrong! Hit me! Please don’t leave me! Audrey, I can’t live without you. You can’t break your promise. All I wish for is you–us! It’s our future. You promised you’d make it come true for me.” Nathan chased after the car like a madman, crying out, “Audrey! Audrey, I was wrong! Audrey, please don’t leave me! Audrey…” The bodyguard saw Nathan relentlessly chasing the car and said, “Ms.

Yeomans, the person behind is still chasing us.” “No need to worry,” Audrey replied.

Perhaps Nathan had regained his memory.

Audrey could tell from Nathan’s reactions and gestures today.

But what difference did it make?

The damage had already been done. Anne was dead, and Harper was gone too.

Nathan was her whole world when she loved him. But nour that cha didn’t law him anymore, he was nothing.

2/2 When childhood sweethearts first begin to drift apart, it truly felt like being torn apart–like having your skin peeled and your limbs severed.

Audrey had once thought that when Nathan regained his memory and regretted his actions, she would feel a sense of liberation–maybe even burst into laughter.

Then she would tell Nathan she would never take him back. The more he broke down, the happier she would be.

But now, it seemed that there was nothing else left besides annoyance at the trouble he brought.

It wasn’t that she no longer hated him. It was that her current status had surpassed Nathan’s.

Now, she could easily trample on Nathan and the Franklin Group–making him lose everything.

Since she returned to the country, Nathan couldn’t shield Charles anymore, and the Franklin Group wasn’t there to support him either.

Nathan’s voice grew hoarse as he chased after them until he collapsed from exhaustion.

Edmond drove up to him, turned on the hazard lights, and used the car to block the road. This prevented Nathan from being hit by oncoming traffic.

He then quickly got out of the car and helped Nathan sit up. “Are you okay?” Edmond struggled to lift Nathan, noticing cyclists turning their heads to look at them. “Mr. Franklin, can we stop causing a scene?”

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