Meeting The One For Me Chapter 25

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 25-“Okay, okay, enough talking! Go now! Harper and I will wait for you to come home. When you’re back, I’ll make your favorite chicken lasagna and egg salad,” Anne said, wiping away her tears with the back of her hand.

As she watched Audrey get into the cab and drive away, Anne clutched the photo of Audrey and Nathan in her pocket. Audrey’s life had been so hard. Anne felt she needed to do something for her.

Audrey had already packed her bags before heading to the TV station that morning. She left the villa and took a cab to the train station.

Her Instagram pinged with a follow request. The message read: “Audrey, you’ve got guts! Just your wait!” Her brows furrowed as she rejected the request.

She closed the app and then pulled up Ryan’s profile on PayPal. She transferred him the money for the hospital and clothes.

When she didn’t receive a response from him, she sent him a message on WhatsApp, “Mr. Lambert, I’m leaving for Cloudmill tonight. Thank you for your care.” Ryan replied quickly, “Stay safe.” “Please accept the money,” Audrey typed.

The WhatsApp chat was quiet.

Audrey thought Ryan was probably busy with work. She locked her phone screen and gazed out the window.

She was leaving the city she had lived in for years. She had come to the city because of Nathan. Now, as she left, it was time to let go of everything and start anew.

Audrey sent a message to Anne, reminding her to let her know once she got home the next day.

The high–speed train from Sheysea to Cloudmill started moving.

Audrey looked at the time on her phone and noticed another Instagram follow request had popped up on the screen.

The message was from Nathan.

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