Meeting The One For Me Chapter 24

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 24-Dr. Harrison’s voice was still laden with sighs even now.

He sighed and spoke, “The patient’s father got on his knees, begging me to save their daughter at any cost. He feared his wife wouldn’t survive if their daughter didn’t.

“Sadly, despite the surgery, the patient didn’t make it. Later, I heard that the patient’s mother also passed not long after her daughter. Truly a tragic tale.” The recording stopped there.

mother has indeed passed away, just as your mother’s friend, Anne, said. Today, we’ve invited her to the show. We ask Anne to share Wanda’s story with us.” The crew escorted an emotional Anne to the center of the stage. She sat down and recounted how she and Audrey’s birth mother escaped Sayeno Town with Audrey’s help.

She described how they had panicked in front of the police station, which had led to a fall and hospital admission, where Wanda bled to death.

The audience murmured with sympathy.

“I told them Wanda was gone, but they wouldn’t believe me!” Anne said anxiously. Just as she was about to reveal how the Yeomans family had used Audrey to threaten her, she stopped. She was afraid of implicating Audrey. She abruptly shut her mouth.

were close back in Sayeno Town, and you left together. You must have her contact details! The child just wants to see his birth mother, sister, and grandfather.

so heartless and keep them to us? Otherwise, we wouldn’t have to air our dirty laundry on this show!” at what kind of woman she’s become. Drugging people, climbing into their beds, her nude photos plastered everywhere…” Donna became more agitated as she spoke, “We never should have let Audrey go. If she’d listened to me, she would’ve been married and had kids by now.

She wouldn’t be causing all this trouble!” “You’re lying! Audrey is the best child in the world! She’s a top student at Sheysea University! When you heard Audrey had helped her mom escape, you wanted to kill her!” Anne defended.

Her emotions ran high as she continued, “You’re the one who said girls are a loss! You said you’d give Audrey to me for 20 thousand dollars!” 2/3 The normally timid Anne and the Yeomans family started arguing fiercely on stage.

The show’s crew loved the intense conflict. They focused the camera on Donna’s face.

Donna stood up. She spat vile, twisted words, “Shut the hell up! Audrey left with her mom. We had to give her to her mother! Who took your 20 thousand dollars? Show us the proof!

“You turned a good girl into a shameless, loose woman who sells herself for money. How will she ever get married now? Why doesn’t God see this!” The audience frowned at Donna’s filthy words. They couldn’t believe a grandmother would speak of her granddaughter like that.

Anne argued, unable to contain her anger. Donna lunged at her, pulling at her hair. The stage descended into chaos.

Two and a half hours later.

Holding a tearful Anne, Audrey walked out of the Sheysea TV station building.

Behind them, the Yeomans family created a hysterical scene, adamantly protesting the show’s broadcast.

“You must be in cahoots with that despicable Audrey!” Donna yelled, “If you dare broadcast this, I’ll jump off the building of Sheysea TV Station! Even if I die, I won’t let you bastards off the hook.”

Aunt Anne nodded vigorously and took out a card from her pocket. She pushed it into Audrey’s hand and said, “Take this money. The PIN is your birthday. It’s always good to have money on a journey.” Worried Audrey might refuse, she added, “If you don’t use it all, just give it back to me when you come home! I don’t want to hold you back in Cloudmill. It’ll give me peace of mind if you have more money,” Audrey took the bank card and smiled at Anne. “Okay, I’ll take it.” “Audrey, you’re not at fault here. You’re the kindest and best child in the world!

Without you, your mother and I…”

“I know, Aunt Anne.”

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