Meeting The One For Me Chapter 21

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 21-Tia didn’t wait for Audrey to reply.

She spoke with a nagging tone, “Audrey, please persuade your grandfather. We really don’t want to ruin his reputation, and yours, by bringing this onto the show. He’s a university professor, isn’t he? Won’t his reputation as an educator be tarnished if this blows up?”

Audrey’s face darkened, “What do you want?”

“I heard professors are given houses by the university. Ask your grandfather to transfer a house to your brother Adam. If not, buy him a villa in Sheysea and a car worth half a million dollars. The car isn’t our demand. It’s what the bride’s family wants.”

Tia continued, “They’re also asking for a wedding gift of 660 thousand dollars. Your mother was your grandfather’s only child. Now that she’s gone, he only has Adam.

“Everything your grandfather owns should belong to Adam. If he’s holding onto his wealth so Adam doesn’t inherit what’s rightfully his, your mother would be turning in her grave!”

Audrey replied in a calm voice, “You tortured my birth mother to death! If Mr. Lambert helps you, she will never rest in peace.”

“Give me the phone!” bellowed Wayne Yeomans, Audrey’s biological father. He couldn’t contain his anger and snatched the phone.

He spat insultingly, “Audrey! Am I being too nice to you? Don’t think I can’t see that you’re keeping Mr. Lambert from seeing Adam so you can monopolize the house and money for yourself. That old man’s house and money belong to Adam.

If you dare covet them, I’ll kill you!”

“Bullshit! When she was 12, we received a five thousand dollar deposit from Jolin Watson’s family. But your sister couldn’t bring Audrey back, and I had to pay them 600 dollars to settle it!”

Donna interrupted Wayne, “This time, we got 30 thousand dollars from Claude, promising to bring Audrey back to bear his children. If you kill her, we’ll have to compensate him, and he’s not someone to mess with!”

“Her life is mine to take. If I want her dead, she has no right to live. That’s just how it is!” Wayne yelled at Donna.

He told Audrey, “Call that old man right now. If he doesn’t transfer the house to Adam, send us the money, and buy him the car, I’ll kill you. You’re nothing but a shameless, greedy wretch coveting your brother’s inheritance!”

Wayne’s voice was sinister and nasty. He sounded as vicious as Audrey remembered him being when he beat her and her mother in the cellar, a stark contrast to the usual façade of kindness he showed will be consequences!”

Having obtained the recording she needed, Audrey decided not to engage with her family further. She hung up the phone.

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