Meeting The One For Me Chapter 19

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 19-As Julian dropped Audrey off at the villa, he shared some news. Charles had been arrested and accused of drugging and assaulting someone.

“Charles got what he deserved. He won’t be harassing you anymore,” Julian sald, opening the gate for Audrey.

“Thank you,” she replied. She understood that this was Ryan’s way of keeping her out of the mess while sending a warning to Charles.

No wonder Nathan had called her. He probably wanted to hold her accountable.

Outside the dingy neighborhood, an out–of–place, jet–black sports car parked in the narrow alley.

Inside the car, Nathan’s brows furrowed. He listened to the dial tone, realizing that Audrey had blocked his number. He tossed his phone aside in irritation and Hit a cigarette.

On the passenger seat lay Audrey’s scarf. She’d left it in the private room the night before.

Nathan had learned that the drug Charles gave Audrey wasn’t what it seemed when Ryan’s bodyguards brought Charles to the room.

Charles had tricked him, fearing Nathan’s leniency.

He’d forced Audrey to drink that concoction, insisting she wait for Charles.

Audrey had insisted on leaving and said she’d rather have stayed in Sayeno Town forever. She had clearly misunderstood his intentions and believed the whole thing was a setup with Charles.

Nathan was frustrated beyond words as he thought of Audrey’s compliance.

Fortunately, Ryan had been there.

If it were anyone else, Nathan would worry for Audrey’s safety. But with Ryan… he must have taken her to the hospital soon after.

Nathan rolled down the window. He watched the bustle of the urban village as he took a long drag of his cigarette.

His mind filled with images of Audrey from last night, overwhelming him with annoyance.

his All his memories of Audrey were unpleasant. In his mind, she was the third party who intruded between him and Amelia.

She was a sticky nuisance he couldn’t shake off.

Yet, when he heard that she had inadvertently saved him when she was actually planning to end her life, it had made his heart wrench.

Chaster 19 212 He couldn’t reconcile the image of a suicidal person with the vibrant girl who had pressed him against a rose–covered wall, kissing him under the setting sun This was the first time that Nathan wanted to know about his past with Audrey since his amnesia, Bot frustratingly, he couldn’t remember anything else apart from that scene.

The “Looking for Family” show was pre–recorded. The actual episode was set to air the next day, In the evening, the production team called Audrey. They walked her through the process, informed her of her scheduled appearance, and allowed her to prepare mentally.

Perhaps having heard from the production team that Audrey was participating, her family had managed to get her number.

Audrey instinctively started recording the call as soon as she answered it.

“Audrey, you shameless bitch, you’ve been so good at hiding! Now that you know we’re on the show, are you scared?” Adam gloated triumphantly.

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