Meeting The One For Me Chapter 17

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 17-Ryan was the adopted son of her biological mother’s family. Although there was no blood relation, their closeness was widely known.

I’m sorry. It’s It took Audrey a moment to find her voice. “Thank you for saving me last night!

And… I’m all my fault.” She lowered her head and added, “You’re the adopted son of the Lambert family, and everyone thinks I’m a poor relative from your biological father’s side.

We can’t let anyone know about this.” If their actions were discovered, she and Ryan would bear the stigma of an illicit relationship. How could Ryan continue in the business world with such a scandal?

Audrey had always known that Ryan wanted to leave the Lambert family and have them take her back instead.

Now, she feared he might use last night’s incident to reveal her true identity as the biological daughter of the Lambert family in Mythravia. It would cause another disaster for her birth mother.

She couldn’t let that happen. She was drugged. She begged Ryan. This was all on her.

“Alright,” Ryan responded with a deep, calm voice. He picked up his watch from the bedside table.” Do you feel unwell? I’ll have my assistant take you to the hospital for a check–up.” Audrey looked up at him, surprised. She had expected him to use the opportunity to persuade her to return to the Lambert family. Instead, he was concerned about her well–being.

Noticing her expression, Ryan met her eyes with an unreadable depth. His gaze was so calm it betrayed no emotion. “I know what you’re thinking. I’m not that despicable.” Audrey fidgeted uncomfortably as she felt exposed by Ryan’s insight.

“It’s not that I doubt your character. It’s just that…” Ryan’s phone vibrated, but he didn’t answer. He picked up his suit jacket.

“I’ll handle the hotel surveillance. This won’t get out. As for the TV show, don’t worry. The Lambert family prepared your mother’s identity well. All they’ll find is that she died of a hemorrhage in the hospital. You might still get involved…” Η Ryan adjusted his cuffs and added, “You really haven’t considered going abroad? There are many universities to choose from.” With Audrey’s grades, she could get into any of them if he made a donation..

“I appreciate your help, but everyone has their path to follow,” Audrey replied.

Ryan received continuous calls. When he was done, he told Audrey, “I have to rush back to Mythravia. Anne is fine now, and you probably have things to handle here. Stay in the villa for security until you leave Sheysea.” After Ryan left, Audrey relaxed. She finally realized how sore her body was.

She stayed in the room for half an hour before going down to the hotel lobby to check out.

As she reached the hotel entrance, she saw Ryan’s assistant smiling at her by the car. He greeted, Ms. Yeomans.” Audrey was taken aback. “Julian, why are you here? Didn’t Mr. Lambert say he has to rush back to Mythravia?”

He held the car door open and added, “Mr. Lambert asked me to stay and take you to the hospital for a check–up.

Audrey’s palms tensed. So, Ryan was supposed to have a blind date yesterday.

“No need to trouble yourself. I’m fine and don’t need to go to the hospital,” she replied.

Her only desire now was to charge her phone and contact Anne.

“That’s kind of you, but I’ll manage on my own,” she insisted gently.

Her mind was preoccupied with the night’s events and the urgency to reconnect with Anne.

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