Meeting The One For Me Chapter 156

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 156-“Why? Nathan, is your friend in need of that medicine?” Charles seemed to have moved to a quieter place. “That medicine is indeed very potent. It can turn a virtuous woman into a lustful one. It takes effect in as little as ten minutes.

“My friend used it to seduce his long–desired goddess. It really gives women something to cry and beg for! There wasn’t even time to take her to the hospital!

But that medicine is hard to come by now since it’s heavily regulated.” Back then, Audrey had waited for the effects to kick in before leaving, and Ryan’s people had sent Charles back.

Could Ryan have stood by and watched Audrey sleep with someone else?

Nathan hung up the phone, breathing heavily as he clutched his phone tightly.

He felt like his heart was about to explode.

He loosened his tie, his throat burning.

Clutching onto the last shred of hope, he dialed Ryan’s number.

He didn’t answer the first time, so Nathan dialed again… and again and again.

He lost count of how many times he called before Ryan finally answered.

“Speak quickly,” Ryan’s deep and commanding voice came from the other end.

when Audra was dr “Mr. Lambert…” Nathan’s voice trembled. “Back at Jacinda Hotel, did you take her to the hospital?” “I didn’t have time.” Nathan was stunned by these words. He clumsily hung up the phone.

He lacked even the courage to ask Ryan about the man Audrey had been with.

That night, he had forced Audrey to drink that medicine.

He had then sent Audrey to another man’s bed.

At the time, Nathan knew that Audrey loved him….

He had stopped her from leaving, insisting that Hugo take her back! He even said it was his last wish.

No wonder Audrey had looked at him with such eyes back then, as if the world was collapsing around her. He even thought Audrey was just being melodramatic.

But how much pain must Audrey have been in at that time?

She said she heard his conversation with Charles at the hospital..

Did she believe that he intended for Audrey to sleep with Hugo so that she would be too ashamed to confront him again?

Nathan closed his eyes, recalling Audrey’s smile after he had someone take her back home as his last wish.

That smile was so heartbreaking, the desolation evident in her clear eyes.

That’s what she had said at that time.

Thus, she fulfilled his wish.

He gripped the steering wheel tightly, and his chest heaved violently.

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