Meeting The One For Me Chapter 154

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 154-Since they knew about the incident where Audrey drugged Nathan, they naturally also knew about Nathan’s madness toward Audrey before he lost his memory.

Nathan had almost killed someone for Audrey before.

It was said that Nathan almost threw a student from the Sheysea High School rooftop once. That student would have long been dead without Audrey’s intervention.

Could it be that Nathan has recovered his memory?

Seeing Audrey remain silent, Nathan continued pressing down with his feet.

“Not sincere enough!” “Ms. Audrey, I’m a despicable scoundrel! I pretended to be Mr. Nathan’s cousin, but I’m just a nobody! Please ask Mr. Nathan to spare me. I won’t do this again in the future! If you’re still unsatisfied, you can kick me a few more times before letting me go! Please!” Jacob had heard that Nathan would fight to kill whenever he got into a scuffle, and no one could persuade him otherwise.

However, when Audrey chimed in with just one sentence, “Nathan, let’s go home“, Nathan would obediently return with her.

Thus, Jacob desperately pleaded with Audrey as if clutching at a lifeline.

“Louder! Can’t hear you!” Nathan showed no mercy.

Jacob felt like his head was about to explode under Nathan’s brute force.

“Ms. Audrey! I’m sorry! Please save me! I know I was wrong! I won’t ever do this again! Never again!” Jacob shouted hoarsely.

Audrey looked at Nathan’s from behind, feeling somewhat dazed.

She couldn’t help but wonder… What was he doing?

Was he forcing Jacob to apologize, or was he forcing her to speak up?

During their arguments in the past, he always liked forcing her to speak first.

While she was conflicted, Jacob continued screaming in terror.

“Nathan, that’s enough!” Audrey finally spoke up.

Audrey’s cold and indifferent voice came through, and Nathan clenched his fists.

Eventually, he moved his foot away from Jacob’s head.

“Thank you, Mr. Nathan! Thank you, Ms. Audrey!” Jacob scrambled and fled with his companions feeling like he had been granted a new lease on life.

Audrey gazed at Nathan indifferently as she watched him turn around, Their eyes met.

Looking at Audrey’s face, similar to the one in his memories, Nathan’s breathing became uneven.

His eyes were sunken and bloodshot from days of insufficient rest.

She glanced at Nathan for a while but ultimately said nothing. She then turned around and headed toward the traffic light at the intersection.

Nathan took a few steps forward to chase after her but stopped in his tracks.

6 What could he possibly say to Audrey now even if he did catch up to her?

He hadn’t forgotten what he had done to Audrey when she looked for him after waking up hospital.

after her.

“Audrey!” Nathan called out to her as she was about to cross the road.

She turned back, looking confused.

Nathan walked up to her. “Let’s talk.”

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