Meeting The One For Me Chapter 153

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 153-Seeing Jacob flaunting his designer clothes and casually mentioning spending two thousand on a meal, Audrey weighed the two options: either Jacob masqueraded as a rich kid using Nathan’s identity, or there were flaws in overseeing financial aid for needy students at Sheysea University. Jacob felt guilty under her scrutinizing gaze and tried to appear calm. “Who are you, anyway? Everyone knows that my cousin’s true love is Amella. You’re just a lowly person living under the Franklin family’s roof. What do you know?” “At the very least, I know that one shouldn’t be superficial and ought to remember where they come from.” “What the hell do you mean?” Jacob was both embarrassed and angry.

He reached out to hit Audrey.

But before his hand could land, it was firmly caught by someone.

Jacob’s friends immediately turned pale.

“Na… Mr. Nathan!” Jacob’s face also turned pale. “Nathan.” Nathan pulled Audrey behind him. With a stern face, he kicked Jacob hard in the abdomen, causing him to fall to his knees.

However, Nathan didn’t stop there; he delivered another kick to Jacob’s face.

Jacob collapsed to the ground, looking up at Nathan with a terrified expression.

He raised his hands instinctively to block his face. “Nathan… I…” Nathan kept his hands in his pockets, his cold and indifferent expression showing signs of irritation. He pressed down on Jacob’s head with his foot and stretched his neck out.

Audrey tightly clenched her bag behind Nathan.

The silhouette of Nathan, fighting for her when he was 16 or 17 years old, dressed in a school uniform, overlapped with the one fighting for her now, dressed in a suit.

Their actions were the same.

Both involved stepping on another’s head with a nonchalant yet irritated neck movement.

Back then, Audrey would walk over to the person being beaten and throw down some money for medical treatment. She would then issue a threat before leaving with Nathan.

Now, Audrey simply stood there in shock.

The Sheysea University students with Jacob saw his bloodied face and quickly pleaded, “Mr. Nathan! Jacob is your cousin! Please show mercy!“Yeah, Mr. Nathan! Jacob did this for you!” “Mr. Nathan! Even though it’s been a few years, Jacob is just standing up for you.”

Jacob screamed and grabbed Nathan’s foot with both hands.

“Are you supposed to be apologizing to me?” Nathan pressed harder with his foot, glaring down at Jacob.

Jacob realized his mistake and quickly reached out to Audrey, “Ms. Audrey! I’m sorry! It’s all my fault! Ms. Audrey, please save me… The Sheysea University students with Jacob heard this and began to retreat with widened eyes filled with fear.

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