Meeting The One For Me Chapter 152

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 152-“Oh, right!” The private detective pulled a medical record from his bag and placed it on the table.

“This is Nathan’s medical record. You should find it interesting. Consider this folder a complimentary gift from me. Thank you, Ms. Yeomans, for your support of our detective agency over the years.” After scanning the Murray Group’s donation certificate, Audrey opened Nathan’s medical record.

It stated that Nathan’s memory was gradually returning.

The private detective expected Audrey to react emotionally, but he couldn’t discern any emotions from her face.

“Ms. Yeomans, your reaction is quite different from what I expected.” Audrey placed the medical record on the coffee table. “In the future, don’t meddle in things I haven’t asked you to do.” “Got it!” The private detective made an OK gesture with his hand and added, “By the way… I did a little digging into your past with Mr. Franklin–the passionate love affair you had when you were young. If Mr. Franklin regains his memories, he might help you deal with the Murray Group.” “No need.” Audrey smiled. “I can handle things on my own. After all, I intend to seek revenge on Nathan as well.” Audrey then grabbed her bag to leave as she said, “This coffee is on you!” Audrey exited the café and bumped into Jacob, who had come to the café with classmates.

Jacob saw Audrey, and his expression shifted. “Well, well, if it isn’t Audrey. Just a few days ago, you were flirting with the students at Cloudmill University, and today you’re here at the entrance of Sheysea University?

“Did you get tired of the students at Cloudmill University and came here to make money again?” Audrey was initially going to walk away, but she paused and asked, “We seem to have no connection whatsoever, but since we met at Cloudmill University yesterday, you seem to have a strong animosity toward me.” One of Jacob’s friends spoke up just then. “Don’t you know that Jacob is Mr.

Nathan’s cousin? You drugged his cousin, so of course he hates you.” “Cousin?” Audrey raised an eyebrow.

“Why don’t you name your price? While what Jacob can offer isn’t as substantial as Mr. Nathan, you won’t be shortchanged either!” Jacob’s friend, leaning on him, looked Audrey up and down.

“Even though so many men have played with you, your looks make up for it.

How about two thousand, Jacob?” “Sure!” Jacob crossed his arms. “Two thousand is nothing. It’s just the cost of one meal out.” “I grew up with Nathan, but I’ve never seen you before,” Audrey remarked.

Just yesterday, Audrey had a phone conversation with the president of Sheysea University.

It’s not that she intended to cancel Jacob’s scholarship. After all, he earned the scholarship using his own abilities.

However, Jacob was also among the financially needy students whom Audrey supported.

The Franklin family would certainly provide support if he were Nathan’s cousin like Joseph.

How could he accept the subsidy if he was rich to begin with?

Audrey didn’t want to investigate why Jacob was pretending to be Nathan’s cousin.

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