Meeting The One For Me Chapter 151

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 151-“I heard Audrey’s voice when I was on the phone with Joseph this morning.

Joseph suddenly hung up. He must’ve been with Audrey!” Nathan felt a strong urge as he recalled Carol’s words today.

Although Nathan didn’t know why he wanted to see Audrey so badly or what he would say to her when he saw her, he still drove to the airport without hesitation.

He wanted to go to Cloudmill.

He had never felt such a strong urge before.

Early the next morning, Joseph hurried toward the laboratory building with a bag strapped across his chest, messy hair, and breakfast in hand.

Surprisingly, he saw Nathan sitting on a bench outside the building.

Joseph’s steps faltered as he stared at Nathan.

“Nathan?” Nathan exuded a cold air–as if he had just spent the night here.

He stood up and looked at Joseph warily. “Where’s Audrey?

“She left last night.” Nathan pressed further. “Left? Where did she go?” Joseph pursed his lips. “Nathan, is it because of the child? The child is not yours! Since you’re already engaged to Amelia now, please don’t provoke Audrey anymore, okay?” Nathan didn’t say anything and walked down the steps to leave.

“Nathan! I asked Audrey if she regrets being with you!” Nathan looked back at him, his fists clenched.

“She said… you were her redemption; you transformed her from a pitiful person wallowing in self- pity into a resilient person.

“But you… you killed her foster mother and shielded the murderer who killed her sister. She could never be with you again. Your repeated intrusions into her life only bring her pain.” “Is that what she said to you?” Nathan asked.

“The latter… the latter part is what I wanted to say!” Joseph frowned at Nathan.

“Stop bothering her.

Nathan glanced at him, then walked away. “It’s none of your business.” Joseph pursed his lips but ultimately said nothing.

He angrily turned back toward the laboratory. “Says it’s none of my business but keeps coming to me and for what Audrey sat on the sofa in the café, flipping through the photos the private detective handed her.

“When Charles was abroad, he indulged in all sorts of vices. Even after returning from overseas, his behavior hasn’t improved.

“He always brags about his sister Amelia being an international superstar and the savior of Matteo.” The private detective handed Audrey another stack of photos.

Audrey looked at the photo of Charles at a gambling table, her eyes narrowing slightly.

“And what about the Murray Group? Did your people find anything?” Audrey put down the photos. and picked up her coffee cup.

The private detective smiled and handed a folder to Audrey.

Audrey flipped through the folder and smiled faintly. “Not surprising at all. When it comes to Amelia, Nathan–as her admirer–will do his utmost to help her.”

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