Meeting The One For Me Chapter 143

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 143-The kiss wasn’t deep, but Audrey felt like she was suffocating.

Just as Audrey was lost in thought, Ryan released her lips and pressed his forehead against hers.

“May 1?” Ryan’s mellow and deep voice sounded in the cramped space of the entrance, making her cars warm.

“What… What?” When Audrey opened her mouth to speak, she realized that her voice was trembling.

Ryan raised his hand to caress her delicate face and rubbed her lips with his thumb. “Can I kiss you?” Without waiting for Audrey to answer, Ryan’s sexy thin lips pressed down again.

The smell of alcohol filled her lungs, making her lose her mind.

Her whole face was on fire, and she pushed him in a panic, turning her head to avoid it. “You’re drunk!” and As soon as Audrey pushed Ryan away, he held her thin wrists behind her with one hand, proceeded to seal her lips. The arm that held her wrists pressed her thin waist toward him. He pried her mouth open, and the kiss was getting deeper and harder.

The car keys and the plastic bag containing hangover medicine slipped from Audrey’s hands. The sound was very clear in the quiet entrance, making Audrey panic.

She wanted to end the kiss, so she struggled out of Ryan’s strong grip by pushing her hand against his chest.

But Ryan’s hot body pushed her against the door with great force, leaving her no room to retreat.

Audrey clutched onto Ryan’s suit tightly as goosebumps appeared on her skin.

Her spine trembled uncontrollably, and her legs became so weak that she could hardly stand. She didn’t know if it was. due to lack of oxygen, but she couldn’t even push hard enough. She was unable to whine.

She actually felt something because of this kiss, and the shame almost suffocated her.

Feeling Ryan’s change, Audrey’s heart almost jumped out of her throat, and her breathing became rapid.

Ryan suddenly picked Audrey up. She was limp, like a puddle, and a child.

Audrey exclaimed as she hugged Ryan’s neck tightly, looking down at Ryan who was breathing heavily.

Without waiting for her to react, she was placed on the shoe cabinet at the entrance hall.

“Ryan…” She opened and closed her lips, which were red from being kissed.

Softly, she called out Ryan’s name, but it sounded slightly seductive.

Ryan took off his glasses and threw them aside. He then kissed her again and wrapped her slender legs around his waist.

Audrey was frightened, and her legs had nowhere to rest for a moment. But Ryan forcefully held her waist down and pressed her closer to hit “I want you!” Ryan grabbed the back of Audrey’s head and kissed her lips again after speaking, “Can you give yourself to me?” Audrey clasped onto Ryan’s shoulders tightly with her hands. Her mind was in a mess “You…. You’re drunk…” Before Audrey could finish speaking, Ryan kissed her again.


She picked up the call and put the phone to her ear, saying, “Hello.”

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