Meeting The One For Me Chapter 142

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 142-Audrey walked directly into the resting lounge of Room 8919 through the side door and found that only Ryan was inside.

Ryan had his head resting against the couch with his eyes closed in exhaustion.

His glasses were placed on the coffee table in front of him alongside a steaming cup of hot tea.

There was only a glass door separating the lounge from the adjacent room, where the company executives that she had met at the airport were still celebrating in. She withdrew her gaze from them and approached Ryan without saying a word. However, Ryan had already opened his eyes could speak.

before she “Why are you here?” Ryan adjusted his position and massaged his temples. He then picked up his frameless glasses and put them on.

“Julian had some urgent family matters to attend to, so he asked me to come pick you up,” Audrey said, leaning forward to offer Ryan the cup of tea. “Are you okay? Do you want me to buy some hangover medicine for you?” “I’m fine. It’s just a bad headache.” Ryan took the tea cup. “Sorry, I couldn’t make it back to the old house to have dinner with you all today.” “It’s okay. I left after dropping Lily off today.” Audrey sat down on the couch beside Ryan.

“Hmm?” Ryan’s deep gaze turned toward Audrey in confusion.

“I still… don’t have the courage to face her. I’m afraid of triggering the memories of her past.” Audrey pretended to smile with resignation. “I’ll wait a little longer.” Ryan nodded slightly and blew the hot tea. He then took a sip and massaged his temples again before placing the cup back on the table. “Let’s go back then.” Audrey draped her coat over Ryan’s shoulders and helped him up.

He glanced at Audrey’s hand holding his arm and leaned his body toward Audrey. He pretended to be drunk and rested the weight of his body on Audrey.

“Sorry,” Ryan apologized. But just as he was about to stand up straight, Audrey supported him even.


“It’s okay, I’ll help you. Do you want to say goodbye to your coworkers?” she asked.

“No need. They’re having fun, so there’s no need to bother them.” “Then let’s go!” Ryan lowered his eyes and looked at Audrey, who was much shorter than him.

She was struggling to support him and to push the door open to walk out. He couldn’t hide the amusement in his dark and deep eyes.

Audrey helped him into the car and saw Ryan closing his eyes in discomfort, so she carefully fastened his seat belt for him.

On the way back, Audrey pulled over when she passed by a drug store and flashed her lights. When she went to buy medicine for Ryan, he turned his head to look at Audrey walking into the drug store quickly. The corners of his lips raised as he placed his hands on Lily’s safety seat. He obviously felt very happy.

Then, the phone in his pocket vibrated, and he answered it.

“Mr. Lambert, where did you go?” “I have a headache and don’t feel well, so my family came to pick me up. Since you are all having good time, I didn’t want to disturb you.

After getting in the car, Audrey turned to look at Ryan, who had his eyes closed.

She casually placed the medicine on the passenger seat and drove him home.

“Ryan?” Audrey supported Ryan as he bent over and rested his head on her shoulder. “Are you able to stand up straight? Let me switch on the lights…” As soon as she finished speaking, Audrey felt a heavy pressure on her lips. She was kissed by Ryan.

Audrey’s eyes widened. She held onto Ryan’s wrist tightly and her whole body tensed up.


Her mind went blank for a moment, and the familiar yet unfamiliar scent of the man in front of her enveloped her. There was also a faint smell of alcohol.

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