Meeting The One For Me Chapter 141

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 141-“Yes, I’ll come to Cloudmill to visit you tomorrow before returning to Sheysea City,” Audrey said with a smile as she talked to Diego on the phone. “I’ll go directly to the lab!” “Great!” Diego chuckled. “I won’t tell them in advance, so you can surprise them.

Tomorrow is the Cloudmill University Alumni Exchange, and many scholars who graduated from Cloudmill University will come back. I’ll introduce you to them.

They might be able to help you in the future!” Thinking of her seniors such as Justin, Daphne, and Azure, warmth began to fill Audrey’s eyes as she smiled.

“It’s all thanks to you and Professor Ilyich that we have success today at Evergreen Biotech. Professor Douglas… thank you,” Audrey sincerely thanked Diego.

“Don’t say that. We did our part, but you also gave us generous rewards!” Diego chuckled. “The anonymous donations to our labs in recent years were all from you, weren’t they? As well as the research scholarships unique to the Biology Department of Cloudmill University. Were they also provided by you?” Over the years, besides these, Audrey has also sponsored many children from the poor mountain areas who wanted to study. They had hoped to leave the mountains, study hard, and become useful individuals.

“It’s what I should do.” Audrey smiled.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore… Come early tomorrow! I’ll be waiting for you in the lab,” Diego chuckled.

After hanging up the phone, Audrey’s phone vibrated.

Audrey answered, “Hello.” “Ms. Yeomans, I’m Julian Sullivan. It’s like this… because the press conference was very successful, the executives were happy and had a few extra drinks. Mr.

Lambert drank too much, but I’m taking care of my mom at the hospital. Could you please head over and pick up Mr. Lambert?” Julian asked cautiously.

“Where is it?” Audrey put down the glass of water in her hand and walked toward the hallway to change her shoes. She thought for a moment before going back to get a coat for Ryan.

“I sent the location to your phone. It’s in VIP Room 8948. Thank you so much!” Julian said.

After getting into the car, Audrey received the location sent by Julian. It was a thirteen–minute drive from her residence.

At the entrance of Nightfall Club, Audrey said that she was going to VIP Room 8918 to pick someone up. The waiter personally led her inside. Just as they pressed the elevator button, they saw Nathan playing with his phone against the elevator wall as he came up from the underground garage.

“Please…” The waiter’s arm blocked the elevator, asking Audrey to enter first.

He didn’t expect the two of them to meet here. Nathan locked his phone screen and moved slightly to the right. He then greeted with feigned casualness, “Coming to pick your husband up?” Audrey responded perfunctorily and walked into the elevator.

Although Nathan really wanted to know who Audrey’s husband was… Today was not the day.


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