Meeting The One For Me Chapter 139

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 139-“Sir, Ms. Yeomans‘ on the phone…“The servant handed the phone to George.

“Aren’t you supposed to come over for dinner?” George asked.

“Mr. Lambert Senior, thank you for giving me this opportunity,” Audrey’s voice choked with emotion. “When I saw the two iron gates at the entrance of the Lambert Residence open, I knew… you have opened the way for me to reunite with my mother. I truly, truly love her! I also yearn to be by her side, but… I’m taking a risk! I don’t want to remind her of the hellish life in Sayeno Town again!

I’m sorry!” Audrey’s car was stopped on the roadside. There were tears streaming down her face as she held the phone.

In reality, she was already very happy when she saw those two gates open.

George pursed his lips and turned to see Wanda smiling as she took Lily down from the electric car. The little girl hugged Wanda’s legs tightly, looking up with an affectionate expression on her chubby face, rubbing against Wanda, expressing her longing.

Lily also pointed to the Silver Thread pot and showed it to Wanda, saying that she knew Wanda liked flowers. She had specially picked it with her mom in the morning and thought Wanda would like it. She eagerly sought Wanda’s praise.

The servants accompanying them outside all smiled along.

“It’s comforting to see you think so much for Wanda,” George said solemnly, “but it’s not your fault! I was the one who lost my daughter first, giving the bad guys an opportunity. If it weren’t for you.. Wanda wouldn’t have been able to escape from that place. She might not even be alive now.” These words came straight from George’s heart, even though he had never told anyone before.

In Sayeno Town, they treated his daughter like a breeding animal, and it was impossible to take her for prenatal checkups.

He could never forget the conjoined twins in his daughter’s belly. If she had given birth naturally in that dungeon, she might have lost her life long ago.

“You go and handle the matters in Sheysea City. I’ll take care of Lily. After you finish, come back. We’ll have a good family meal together!” George spoke gently, without the sternness he had towards Audrey before.

Audrey bit her lip and replied, “Okay!” After hanging up the phone, Audrey wiped away her tears, took a deep breath, and started the car.

thauchte of the little girl who had heen with Audrey.

She couldn’t help but mention Audrey during the dinner with Nathan.

At the dinner table, Carol looked anxious.

Seeing Nathan tightly pursing his lips and not speaking, Carol knew there was indeed something going on.

“That little girl, she’s really yours!” Carol stood up. “No! Our family’s child cannot be left outside.” The thought of that soft and adorable little girl standing in front of her, politely saying “hello, Grandma,” made Carol’s heart melt.

It turned out that such a lovely little girl was her own granddaughter.

Although she and Audrey didn’t end their last meeting gracefully, but… for her granddaughter, she was willing to apologize to Audrey.

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