Meeting The One For Me Chapter 136

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 136-Audrey also walked over and rubbed Lily’s head.

With her small hand holding o Audrey’s Index finger, Lily pointed to the peony flowers on the high table and smiled, “Mommy, if Wandflower saw such beautiful flowers, she would be very happy!

“Sir, is this pot of flowers for sale?” Audrey asked with a light smile.

The old man, Phillip, glanced at Audrey and smiled gently, “Are you familiar with this flower? Or are you just buying it for your child to play with? This flower is not easy to take care of.” “I only know that this flower is a peony,” Audrey answered honestly, “and it’s not for the child to play with. It’s for someone… my family. The elders in my family love flowers, so today I came with my daughter to pick a flower as a gift for them.” “This flower is indeed a peony, but it has a very nice name, called Silver Thread.

There is no pot of Silver Thread in the whole country that is more beautiful than mine!” Phillip smiled and said, “I’ve raised it with great effort.” “I wonder if you are willing to part with it?” Audrey asked politely.

“Sir, this pot of flowers must be your treasure, so you’re here accompanying it, right? Our Wandflower will take care of the flowers, so you can be rest assured!” Lily puffed up her little chest and showed Phillip her phone watch. “I will often take photos of the flowers and send them to you!” Phillip was amused by this less than four–year–old little girl and said to her, “Is that so? Then this flower is a bit expensive, can your mom afford it?” Lily tugged on Audrey’s hand and asked, “Mommy, do you have enough money?” Audrey smiled and said, “Don’t worry!” “Sir, may I ask how much it costs?” Audrey asked.

“If you have money, donate twenty thousand to charity. If not, donate as much as you can! I’ll give you the flower!” Phillip stood up and took a handkerchief to wipe the flower pot… “Sir, this isn’t appropriate,” Audrey said puzzledly.

Phillip smiled and said, “The doctor said I won’t live for another two months. I don’t have children or grandchildren. Hearing what your little girl said about your family taking good care of flowers and plants, I feel relieved to entrust this pot of flowers to you.” Lily looked confused, blinking her big black eyes, not understanding what it meant to not live for another two months.

“Little girl, we agreed that you will take photos for me, right?” Phillip bent down and smiled at Lily.

Lily nodded and said, “Okay sir! Don’t worry.” Saying that, Lily opened her phone watch and said, “Sir, give me your phone number!” Audrey donated fifty thousand dollars via mobile phone in front of Phillip.

Phillip glanced at Audrey with some surprise, and the smile in the corners of his eyes deepened, “It seems… I didn’t choose the wrong person for it.”

Carol was first surprised to see Audrey, then she was surprised again when she saw the less than four- year–old next to Audrey.

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