Meeting The One For Me Chapter 132

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 132-In front of the three of them lay a Labrador retriever, sticking its tongue out at the camera with a carefree expression.

Next to Audrey, there was a black blob painted with watercolor pens. Before Ryan could ask, Lily pointed at the blob and said, “That’s you, daddy!” Ryan turned to see Lily’s bright eyes. She seemed to be waiting for his praise.

He was momentarily speechless but eventually smiled and said, “Um, you did a great job!” The little girl’s smile grew even wider. She turned to Ryan and said, “I knew it!

Even Dallas said I did a great job, but he said I shouldn’t draw anymore next time! Dallas also won’t let me ask anything about you. He said it’ll make mommy sad. Daddy, did you make mommy angry? Is that why Dallas won’t let me ask anything about you?” Ryan didn’t know how to explain to Lily. He squeezed her little hand. “Maybe a little!” “Mommy is very soft–hearted. Daddy, as long as you act cute to her, she will hug and kiss you! Daddy, will you live with me and Dallas in the future?” Lily looked at Ryan earnestly and asked.

Ryan smiled and asked, “Of course!. Lily, did you miss me a lot before?” The little girl nodded heavily. “When mommy spanks me, I miss you the most!” “Is it because you want me to protect you?” Lily nodded heavily again. “I have a neighbor named Elsa who lives next door.

Every time her mommy spanks her, her dad will hold her and call her a little angel, then take her to buy lots of snacks. I envy her. But it’s okay! I found my daddy!” #

“Lily, how did you know I am your dad at the airport?” Ryan asked.

Lily was easily drawn into conversation by Ryan. “Dallas told me! Dallas is very clever. Everyone says Dallas is a child prodigy who can surpass even William Sidis, the famous genius. After Dallas found mommy’s marriage registration information, we knew who our dad was! Dallas showed me your photos, and I secretly searched for your news online. I look at them every day, so I know my dad is very amazing!” The little girl exposed Audrey and Dallas’s conscious efforts while praising her dad. She revealed everything to Ryan, even Audrey’s phone number.

“Dallas told me that mommy is even more amazing than you. She’is the founder of Evergreen Biotech!” Ryan was stunned.

Three years ago, a biotech company called Evergreen Biotech came out of nowhere and made breakthroughs in cutting–edge biotechnology such as gene delivery stem cell culture technology, tissue regeneration technology, in vivo remodeling CAR–T technology, molecular switches, and other cutting–edge biological technologies. The company had cooperated with dozens of renowned hospitals both locally and abroad in applying these technologies in the medical field.

Because of the advanced genetic technology, it gained worldwide fame for a time.

Naturally, this non–Meplaria–owned Evergreen Biotech was inevitably targeted by Meplaria.

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