Meeting The One For Me Chapter 131

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 131-“Mommy.” Lily’s sleepy voice called out.

The living room was too bright and it caused Lily to squint. She reached out toward Audrey and asked to be held.

Audrey snapped back to reality and quickly walked over to Lily. She scooped her up in her arms. You’re awake. Are you hungry?” Ryan followed suit and approached them. He gently stroked Lily’s little head before naturally wrapping his arm around Audrey’s shoulder. “Lily, what would you like to eat?” The little one wriggled in Audrey”s arms and reached out to Ryan. Her eyes sparkled like a sunflower seeking sunlight. “Daddy! I want a hug!” Ryan took Lily from Audrey’s arms and the little one wrapped her arms around his neck. She showed no intention of letting go.

He stroked Lily’s back gently and then carried her toward the kitchen. “Would you like some milk first?” “Yes!” Lily chirped.

Ryan, still wearing his vest, skillfully heated up some milk with one hand while holding the soft, white bundle of joy in the other. The contrast was stark, but the scene exuded warmth and tenderness.

Audrey stood by the open kitchen counter with her eyes slightly red. She couldn’t even understand how Lily knew Ryan was her father. Was it because of their blood relation?

After heating the milk, Ryan poured it into a large cup and carried it out of the kitchen.

1 Lily didn’t hesitate to praise him and gave him two thumbs up. Then, she sweetly offered to massage Ryan’s shoulders. “Daddy, you’re great! Let me massage you!” Lily had completely different personalities from Audrey, and Ryan.

She was like a little sun, full of energy, sweetness, and easily endeared herself to everyone.

Ryan couldn’t even bear to put Lily down. He let her sit on his lap while she sipped on her milk.

“Isn’t Lambert Corporation having a press conference today? I’ll take care of Lily. If you’re busy, you can go first,” Audrey said.

“I’m not busy. I’ll stay with you and Lily today.” Ryan had his gaze fixed on the little one who seemed ready to dive into her milk cup. She drank it without any fuss. She seemed very obedient and easy to care for.

“You can spend time with Lily. I saw some ingredients in the fridge. Should I cook something for us to eat together?” Audrey suggested.

“I’ll do it!” Ryan smiled..

Audrey watched as Lily sat comfortably in Audrey watched as Lily sat comfortably in Ryan’s arms and showed no sign of wanting to leave. She smiled and said, “You stay with Lily.”

The photo was taken in the afternoon.

Audrey was sitting cross–legged on the lush green lawn while holding a child on each side. The dazzling warm light of the setting sun outlined the delicate and beautiful smiles of the two children and her. Even the fuzz on their faces was clearly visible in the sunlight.

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