Meeting The One For Me Chapter 121

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 121-At this moment, strong emotions were welling up in Ryan’s heart.

He should have told her earlier about his suppressed fear, and of the intense possessiveness and longing he had for Audrey!

Audrey chuckled softly. “I admit that when I decided to give up on Nathan, I had thoughts of rebellion. Thus, I drank that spiked drink. I wanted to fulfil his wish and sleep with someone else! But in the end, I couldn’t do it! I still have Anne and Harper. Although Anne isn’t my biological mother, she still did her best to raise me. She just didn’t know how to approach me, so she could only stand cautiously at a distance with Harper and wait for me to come closer! Therefore, I considered Nathan to be the first love in my life!” Finally, Ryan heard the fluctuating emotions in Audrey’s tone.

Audrey paused for a moment, and her tone turned chilly as she went on to say, “I was wrong! My persistence in Nathan’s love killed Anne, Harper, me, and my child! But I’m not the only one at fault! I want everyone who caused their deaths to pay the price! I want to take revenge with my own hands! But I’m still too weak now. I need the Lambert family to lend me their strength.” “I understand you, Audrey, but since I’ve already registered our marriage, I haven’t thought about divorce. I’m sorry, but I lied to you. I didn’t marry you for your child. What I’ve wanted from the beginning to the end is only you!” Ryan’s voice lowered as he called out her name. He removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose.

On the other end of the phone, there was a long silence from Audrey.

For over a decade, Ryan had loved her silently from a corner where Audrey couldn’t see.

He had even helped Franklin Group because of his love for Audrey.

In the end, he suppressed his desires, which had turned into something dark because of his love for Audrey. He wished only for her happiness.

“I didn’t marry you out of guilt, Audrey, but because over these years, I’ve loved the smart, wise, timid, yet resilient you. I’m infatuated with your smile, your tears, and every expression of yours. I’m not good at expressing emotions, but I need you to know that I love you.

“Audrey, your life isn’t just about hatred. It also has me, who has always loved you.” Ryan grabbed onto the curtain that was blocking his view.

Audrey remained silent on the other end of the phone and hung up afterward.

When Ryan heard the sound of the call ending, he closed his eyes for a moment. Then, he put his glasses back on and moved the curtain away before stepping out of the private area of the plane. He handed the phone back to Edward, who was waiting in front of the door.

Edward placed the phone back in his suit. He followed behind Ryan and said, “Mr. Lambert has already left. Ms. Cecilia will come to pick you up today. Mr. Lambert wanted you to return to the Lambert Residence with Ms. Cecilia.” Ryan looked up and saw Cecilia smiling and waving at him in front of the black car.

Meanwhile, Audrey sat by the bedside while gripping tightly onto her phone. She wiped her tears with a tissue.

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