Meeting The One For Me Chapter 120

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 120-Edward, who was following closely behind Ryan, stepped forward and said, “Mr.

Lambert, the plane is ready to take off.” George gave Ryan a look. “Also, make sure to quickly settle the matter of your marriage registration with her in Ruplana for the sake of her child.

“The outside world sees you both as blood relatives. How could you guys get married? I don’t want this matter to become a stain on the Lambert family. The both of you better not disappoint me.” Edward watched as George entered the airport. He said in a lowered voice, “Over these years, Mr. Lambert hasn’t been completely indifferent to Ms.

Audrey. After all, Ms. Audrey has Mr. Lambert’s blood. To Mr. Lambert, there’s “Since Mr. Lambert wants Ms. Audrey to return to the Lambert family, he will surely take good care of her life. You don’t need to worry too much.” “Where is Audrey now? Can’t you tell me?” Ryan asked..

“Yes. Mr. Lambert knows that you’ve been overseeing everything related to Ms.

Audrey all these years. Therefore, not only does he forbid me from telling anything about her, but he also forbids you from meddling in anything related to her from now on. By anything, I mean nothing! Starting from this moment!” Edward emphasized the phrase “nothing“.

Then he continued, “Mr. Lambert has told Ms. Audrey the same. Five years. If Audrey can impress Mr. Lambert without needing anyone’s help within these five years, then she can return to the Lambert family! So, please, for the sake of Ms. Audrey, stop asking about her.” Ryan clenched his fists. “She just miscarried and hasn’t recovered yet.” Edward nodded sympathetically. “Don’t worry. I have arranged for someone to take care of Ms. Audrey. I assure you! Mr. Ryan, I have a lot of faith in Ms.

Audrey! If you truly want to help Ms. Audrey, why not focus on safeguarding Lambert Corporation for her?” Audrey’s excellence was beyond doubt. However, Ryan didn’t believe that Audrey would strive to return to the Lambert family.

Audrey was afraid of harming her biological mother because of herself. She wished to stay away from the Lambert family and anyone related to them. Thus, why would she willingly return to the Lambert family?

“I want to call Audrey! I need to make sure that she’s safe,” Ryan said firmly.

He also needed to ensure that Audrey wasn’t being coerced.

Edward gestured for Ryan to follow him. “Alright! I’ll arrange it immediately.

Please, go back with Mr. Lambert now. Your current identity isn’t suitable for staying abroad.” Ryan pursed his lips tightly and turned to walk toward the airport.

When the plane landed in Sheysea City, Edward handed Ryan a phone and said, “It’s Audrey on the line.” Ryan took the phone and put it to his car. Then, he walked toward the secluded area behind the private jet.


“Do you want to return to the Lambert family? Is it your choice?” Ryan asked.

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