Meeting The One For Me Chapter 12

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 12-“Nathan, since we’ve finalized our divorce, it would be best if we avoid meeting or getting involved further. This is essential for Ms. Doyle’s sense of security,” Audrey conveyed to Nathan, still harboring a slight hope for his decency.

In a gentle tone, she added, “This is what’s best for all of us. You, me, and Ms.

Doyle.” Nathan hung up without a word.

Audrey put down her phone. She felt a vold Inside her. She hoped Anne’s situation would come to a close Relaxing slightly, Audrey ate something and called Hugo to ask if he could pick Anne up.

“Audrey, there seems to be some trouble. I don’t know what the man who pushed Anne has told the police, but I’m working on it. Don’t worry.” Hugo’s voice was heavy with concern.

Audrey’s grip tightened on her cup. “Okay, thank you for your help.” When the call ended, her phone vibrated again.

Audrey answered quickly, “Hello…” “Audrey?” The voice was vaguely familiar.

She responded, “Yes, it’s me.” “Tonight at seven, Jacinda Hotel. If you don’t show up, be prepared for Anne to face serious jail time!” It was Charles, Amelia’s cousin.

Audrey gripped her phone tightly, recalling Hugo’s words about the troubling situation.

“In a society governed by law, evidence matters. The airport video clearly proves Aunt Anne’s innocence. Nobody can twist the truth to frame her.

“Really? You can try. Anne adopted a 14–year–old mute girl last year. If you don’t show up… I’ll have to involve her,” Charles sneered.

Audrey’s resolve tightened.

“Oh, you’re quite the legal expert, aren’t you? You’re always keen on educating others.” He continued with a taunting tone, “Don’t worry, I won’t lay a finger on the girl myself. No evidence, you see.” “But she’s in middle school, isn’t she? Bullying can be quite nasty there. There have been a few tragic cases recently… makes you think, doesn’t it?” Charles spoke mockingly.

Despite the anger surging within her, Audrey remained composed, though her hand trembled as she gripped the phone. She asked, “Did Nathan ask you to make this call?” “Where else would I get your number? 7:00 pm, Jacinda Hotel. Room 3020, Cloudsca Pavilion. You have less than two hours. It’s rush hour in Sheysea. I hope you make it in time.” Charles hung up.

Audrey’s throat was dry and sore, and it took her a long time to calm her breathing 2/3 Having suffered violence at school, she couldn’t let Anne’s adopted daughter go through what she had experienced. Audrey gritted her teeth as she remembered the girl’s bright smile.

She quickly slipped her jacket on and wrapped her scarf around her neck. She grabbed her phone and belongings, then left for the Jacinda Hotel.

Nathan, you shouldn’t hang onto my sister’s every word! I’ve managed to get that special concoction you were after. All we need Is for Audrey to take a sip, and we can capture it on video. It’ll be solid proof of your innocence for my sister..

The door to the private room swung open. Audrey appeared between the double doors.

A tall grandfather clock chimed seven times in the lavishly decorated, vintage– style room.

Nathan looked up, seemingly surprised to see Audrey there.

“Ah, Ms. Yeomans, right on time!” Charles nudged Nathan with his elbow. He lowered his voice, Nathan, this is the perfect chance to prove your innocence to my sister. Don’t waste the work I did to get this drug for you!” “There’s no other reason we’ve invited Ms. Yeomans here today,” Charles said, casually running his fingers through his messy hair. He stood up and smiled at Audrey.

“Since Ms. Yeomans and my brother–in–law are now divorced, let’s have a few drinks before. everyone here. It’ll be a way to confirm that you won’t pursue my brother–in–law any longer. It’s a fitting end, don’t you think?” Charles glanced at Nathan at Nathan and continued, “Regardless of whether Anne intentionally pushed my sister or not, my sister was hurt because of her. If you’re pleading for leniency… you should at least have a few drinks as an apology.” “True sincerity is needed when asking for forgiveness!” a voice in the room encouraged. “If the hard liquor is too much, surely a few glasses of red wine wouldn’t be too difficult, right?” Audrey stood at the entrance. Her clear eyes fixed solely on Nathan, who sat in a relaxed posture.

She took a few steps toward the round table in the room, casually removing the scarf that half- covered her face and draping it over the chair.

She picked up a tall crystal glass from the table, placed it in front of her. She grabbed the liquor decanter closest to her and poured the clear liquid into her glass.

The bruises on Audrey’s pale skin, now visible without the scarf, made the side of her face, jawline, and neck more alarming.

“The day we met when I was 12, 1 had pesticide with me. If I hadn’t saved you, I would have drank it,” she said. She lifted the second decanter and continued to fill her glass.

“Rather than saying I saved you from that kidnapping, it’s more like you saved me.” At the time, when Audrey had taken the blade for him, she didn’t want to live.

If Nathan hadn’t dragged het back to the Franklin family, she still might have sought death.

Nathan was the only ray of light in her gloomy life.

When the car accident happened, it wasn’t death that terrified her; It was the thought of losing Nathan death.

Nathan looked astonished. His throat bobbed.

“On your 18th birthday, your first wish was to ensure that Audrey Yeomans‘ happiness in this life could only come from Nathan Franklin.” She lifted the third decanter on the table.

“You didn’t make a second or third wish but claimed they would be for me. You wanted to save them. You said that when you did make your wishes, I had to help you fulfill them.

“That was my gift to you for coming of age. You used your second wish on your 22nd birthday. You asked me to marry you, and I did.” Despite the Franklin and Lambert families disapproving of their union, Audrey was willing to stand up to them for him.

She filled the tall crystal glass to the brim with liquid from all three decanters.

agree.” Audrey thought she would be overwhelmed by tears as she laid bare her wounds and spoke her words. Even though her eyes ached unbearably, she wasn’t.

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