Meeting The One For Me Chapter 116

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 116-The fear of losing her loved ones engulfed Audrey once again. She bit her lip.

“Take me to the hospital!

Nathan turned to see Audrey sitting by the door as she covered her stomach.

Before he could react, the bodyguard picked Audrey up and rushed her to the hospital.

Nathan’s heart sank. Just as he was about to follow her, he was stopped by the bodyguard. The bodyguard then made a phone call to the police in fluent Ruplanion.

“Mr. Franklin, you are not allowed to go anywhere until the police arrive!” The bodyguard said in all seriousness.

Ryan had just landed when he heard of the news from Ruplana. His face turned as dark as ink.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lambert, we weren’t able to protect Ms. Yeomans. Fortunately, both Ms. Yeomans and the baby are fine. The doctor says that she’ll stay in the hospital tonight for observation, and that she’ll be discharged tomorrow.” After hanging up the phone, Ryan turned to Julian. “Reschedule a few meetings.

I need to go to Slovomia after the meeting.

Julian was startled to hear that, but he quickly responded, “Yes, sir!” Ryan had been working continuously ever since he got on the plane from Slovomia. He didn’t even rest after getting off the plane, but now he had to fly back to Slovomia again. It seemed that he really cared about Audrey.

Diego found out that night that Audrey was hospitalized after getting hit. That morning, Joseph sat in Audrey’s seat.

It was only during the afternoon session of the conference that Audrey arrived.

Meanwhile, Joseph was busy examining the data they had brought from the laboratory. When she took Joseph’s seat, she quickly took off her coat and calmly reported sixteen sets of precise data into the microphone.

Joseph looked up to see Audrey taking off her coat and narrating the data in a calm manner. He then compared the data with the materials in his hand and found no errors.

“The above are sixteen sets of experimental data from our laboratory.” The conference then entered into a new round of discussions.

Two hours later, after the conference ended. Both Diego and Joseph approached Audrey to inquire about her condition.

Audrey smiled and said, “I’m fine. It was just a minor collision, but I almost missed the conference today.” “The conference is almost over. I’ve discussed with Professor Ilyich that after it’s over, I’d take his beloved disciple back and that you’d go with Professor flyleh!

Remember to learn all of the old man’s skills! With your sharp mind, you should be able to learn everything he teaches you!” Diego lowered his voice and urged Audrey with a smile on his face.

Audrey smiled in response, “Alright! Don’t worry!” After both Diego and Joseph had left, she tidied up the materials and left the venue. Just as she was about to take a step down the stairs to the nearby hotel, she was grabbed by Nathan and pressed against a pillar.

“Nathan! Are you crazy? Let me go!” Audrey’s bag and documents fell to the ground as she struggled to pry Nathan’s hand off her neck.

Nathan’s bloodshot eyes gazed grimly at Audrey with hatred.

Audrey was almost out of breath from being choked. She desperately.tried to push Nathan’s arm away.

Nathan was crazed by Amelia’s accident. He didn’t loosen his grip on Audrey even when her face has turned purple.

and kept backing away from him.

Suddenly, she felt nothing under her feet.

In a whirlwind of chaos, she tumbled down the stairs amid screams.

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