Meeting The One For Me Chapter 115

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 115-“How persistent, Nathan Franklin.” Audrey scowled.

Nathan gritted his teeth. “Well, I can see how close you are with Matteo Russo.

I’m warning you- stay away from him! He’s out of your league, and someone like you can never get him! Also, abort the baby!” She smirked. “Why do you keep intervening in my life and telling me what to do?

When I still cared for you, your words did matter. But you’re nothing to me now because I don’t have any feelings left for you!” Nathan yanked her over by her wrist, causing the documents to fall from her arms. “The baby is mine, so I have a say in whether to keep it or not!” The moment he finished, the doors of the three opposite rooms opened. The robust bodyguards surrounded the duo. “Mr. Franklin, please let her go.” Audrey knew the bodyguards. They were here to protect Audrey under Ryan’s orders.

“Who are these people?” Nathan’s grasp tightened around her wrist as he interrogated, “Do they work for your husband? Who is he?” “Didn’t you regain your memories? Don’t you remember who’s helping me?” He huffed, “Come with me. You cannot keep that baby!” Dragging Audrey, he glared at the bodyguards. “Get out of my way!” “Let go of me, Nathan Franklin!” She struggled.

The leading bodyguard said, “No one can take Ms. Yeomans away without her consent.” Nathan was going to leave, but the bodyguard stopped him again. “Mr. Franklin, please stop before things get physical. I don’t mind going to the cops with you.” “Who do you work for? Ryan or Matteo Russo? How much did he pay you? I can double–no–I can pay you ten times more than that!” Nathan’s features were distorted in a fury. “I am the father of the baby, so I can decide whether or not it can stay. Scram!” “The father of the baby is… you?” Hearing Amelia’s voice, he turned his head.

Amelia, who covered herself with a mask and a cap, stared at him. Her eyes were red, and they were teeming with sorrow and disbelief.

“A–Amelia.” He curled his hands into fists beside him. His lips parted, but he didn’t know what to say.

“How could you do this to me?” She sounded extremely broken.

She gazed at him deeply and then turned around to walk away.

“Amelia!” Nathan wanted to chase hey while draggling Audrey, but the bodyguard Gropped hun “Get out of my way?”

Ignoring her words, Nathan flung a punch at the bodyguards.

One of them grabbet his fist and he kicked in their direction.

Audrey seized the chance to break free from his grasp.

In the meantime, She slipped and hit her back against the doorknob.

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