Meeting The One For Me Chapter 114

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 114-Considering that Audrey was Ryan’s family, whom he’d help even if it meant going against George, Cecilia had to protect her.

Besides, she might be able to earn some brownie points–Audrey might put in a good word for her when speaking to Ryan.

The bodyguard stopped Nathan from coming close, so all he could do was watch the ladies leave.

At the hotel entrance, Audrey thanked Cecilia, “Thank you, Ms. Shaw.” “It’s only natural for me to protect you since you’re Ryan’s family. If you really want to do something to repay me, could you relay a message to Ryan? Tell him that the marriage is nothing more than a collaboration. I believe that he’ll make the best partner.” Ryan no longer answered Cecilia’s call, so she had no choice but to request Audrey to pass a message.

Right now, she needed Ryan to be her husband so that she could secure her footing within Lambert Corporation.

As the ambitious woman she was, she wanted to surpass her sister to become the owner of Shaw Corporation.

Therefore, she needed to marry Ryan, the heir of the Lambert family. He could be her trump card.

Since he was such a family man and was willing to help Audrey out, Cecilia figured that he would listen to Audrey.

It was a plus to be a family man, because that meant that he would care a lot for their kids in the future.


Audrey looked at Cecilia. “Do you… not like Mr. Lambert?” Sincerity reached Cecilia’s eyes when she heard that question. “Marriage is a mere tool to achieve our goals. I believe that Mr. Lambert doesn’t wish for me to have feelings for him either.

She met Ryan several times, but it was enough for her to understand his character.

As a man with a heart of steel, he weighed everything in terms of pros and cons.

If one told him that they had feelings for him after meeting barely a few times, he would never believe that.

“Ms. Yeomans, you and Mr. Lambert registered your marriage in Ruplana so that Mr. Franklin wouldn’t take the baby away from you. I hope you’ll keep it a secret so that Mr. Lambert Senior and people won’t misunderstand Mr.

Lambert,” Cecilia requested.

Ryan was her future husband after all.

Even though it was a loveless marriage, she didn’t want the fake marriage to be the reason for others.

to make fun of Ryan or become the blot of her marriage life.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing,” Audrey reassured.

“See you next time then, Ms. Yeomans.” Cecilia flashed a smile and got into the car.

The engine started, and she told John Carrott in the passenger seat, “Run a background check on Audrey… and her ex–husband.” That was her bodyguard, as well as her assistant.

“Understood, Ms. Cecilia.” Back at the hotel, Audrey texted Ryan about her encounter with Cecilia.

Just then, a stranger’s number called in.

Judging from how the incessant ringing didn’t stop, she bet that it was Nathan calling.

Her phone was still ringing.

At long last, she answered the call. “Enough, Nathan Franklin.

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