Meeting The One For Me Chapter 112

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 112-Yolanda first sent the photos to Nathan before calling him. “Hello, Mr. Franklin.

I’ve received news of Audrey having a meal with Mr. Russo. Do you know if she’s told him the truth? I’m worried because she didn’t sign the confidentiality agreement. I’ve sent you the photos. Take a look at ‘em.” After terminating the call, he scrolled through the pictures Audrey wore a champagne dress, and her tress was fixed with a hair claw.

The ambiance in the restaurant was soothing as the yellow lighting cast down on her defined features.

In the picture, she was speaking to Matteo with a dazzling smile.

Sitting opposite her was Matteo in a suit, looking like a royal from the mid– century.

It was a heart–fluttering picture indeed.

Nathan’s fingers tightened arbund his phone without him realizing. He scooped up his coat from the couch and stormed out of his place.

On the other hand, Yolanda gave it a thought before speaking to Amelia, “Amelia, I’m not suspecting Mr. Franklin, but I think you guys trust Audrey too much. You can’t take her words at face value like that.

“Tomorrow, we must return to the country to meet Audrey. We must find out if Mr. Russo knows the truth no matter what. If he still doesn’t know, then we’re safe. Afterward, we’ll force her to sign the confidentiality agreement to save ourselves from potential hazard.” Amelia, who was in deep waters, bit her lip. There were no words of disagreement coming from her this time.

Matteo drove Audrey to the hotel and opened the car door for her. He then offered her his hand when she got out of the car.

Wrapping her coat tightly around her, she watched him drive away before heading inside.” Before she could pass through the door, a man in a suit stopped her. “Hi, Ms.

Yeomans, I’m Ms. Cecilia’s bodyguard. She’d like to invite you for a cup of coffee. She’s just on the opposite of the road. I hope you can come along.” Her fingers tightened as she nodded.

“Sure.” Inside the cafe opposite the hotel, Audrey saw Cecilia.

The fiancee George had selected for Ryan.

Cecilia was clad in a suit, with her coat draping on the armrest of the couch.

The air around her spoke volumes about how outstanding her career was.

Noticing Audrey’s arrival, Cecilia hung up a call. She stood up and waved at Audrey with a smile.

“Hi, Ms. Yeomans. I’m Cecilia Shaw,” Cecilia introduced herself openly. Her utmost decorum was definitely that of a rich lady’s.

“Nice to meet you.” Audrey shook her hand.

“But you were born in Sayeno Town. I know that. Mr. Lambert Senior will never approve of you because of this. About Ryan… He is the successor of Lambert Corporation, but he’s a mere adoptive child.

“I don’t know why you decided to be with him, but if you want money, just name a price and I can pay you. If you want him, I can accept your relationship with him.

Audrey didn’t expect Cecilia to know of their marriage. On top of that, having George find out about it was definitely the last thing on her mind.

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