Meeting The One For Me Chapter 11

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 11-“Ms. Doyle, I’m not your boyfriend. I can’t offer you security. But rest assured, once I decide to give up on something, I never look back. Not even in death.” “I’m sorry, Audrey. I just don’t know who else to talk to about this,” Amelia said, biting her lip. ” About your foster mother, I’ll talk to Nathan and ask him to drop the charges. Don’t worry.” “Then … should I still go to the Jacinda Hotel today?” Audrey asked.

Amelia sounded confused. “What “Nathan told me to explain myself in person at the Jacinda Hotel at 7:00 pm tonight, or he’d make sure Anne stays in jail.” Audrey knew she had an ulterior motive in revealing this to Amella. She no longer dared to gamble on anyone’s character and hoped Amelia would prevent her from meeting Nathan again.

After all, no one wanted their partner to meet with an ex. And Nathan couldn’t refuse Amelia.

“I understand. I’ll talk to Nathan about it.” Amelia added after a brief pause, “Nathan has always been tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Don’t take it too hard.” “Thank you,” Audrey expressed her gratitude. She offered, “I’ll cover all your hospital expenses. I know you don’t need it, but it’s my way of showing I care.

Please accept it.‘ Amelia didn’t protest. “Okay, I’ll have my assistant send you the bill after I’m discharged.

The heavy weight in Audrey’s heart seemed to lighten slightly as the call ended.

She freshened up quickly. Suddenly, the unknown number that had woken her up called again. It was the team from “Looking For Family“.

The show approached Audrey with the same intent they had with Anne, hoping she could provide information about her biological mother. They invited her to appear as a guest on the show.

Audrey didn’t immediately agree. She rubbed her fingers together thoughtfully.

Appearing on a highly–rated show like “Looking For Family” would certainly stir up attention, which contradicted her desire for a quiet, ordinary life.

However, the trending news about Amelia’s fall and Nathan’s protective actions dominated online discussions. Anne was being vilified and targeted for harassment.

If Audrey’s connection to Anne was revealed, people were sure to misread the situation as they had with Nathan and Amelia’s cousin. They might assume Anne had harmed Amelia for Audrey’s sake. Even if Anne was cleared of wrongdoing, her life would still be impacted. Therefore, Audrey felt compelled to step in before the public linked her to Anne and Nathan’s current situation.

She needed to clarify the truth with the show’s team and release the complete airport video to prove.

that Anne’s encounter with Amelia was an accident Audrey’s influence was limited. If she utilized the show’s platform, she could achieve greater attention and efficiency.

If she didn’t appear on the show, her mother could be portrayed in a negative light by the Veomans family. They could even manipulate her elderly grandfather, a respected professor, in a moral crusade.

The show assistant awaited Audrey’s response. He prompted gently, “Ms.

Yeomans?” Audrey said calmly, “I’ll be on your show, but I have two conditions.

Surprised and pleased by her agreement, the assistant responded eagerly, “Please, go ahead.

“First, I want the show to publicly clarify on social media that Anne came to Sheysea to participate in the show. You arranged her flight schedule, proving she had no intention of confronting Amelia.

“I also want you to work with the airport to release the full video of the incident. I understand this is a hot topic, and clarifying this matter would also benefit your show’s ratings.” “That’s no problem,” the assistant assured quickly. “We’ve discussed it and have agreed to clarify. We’ll also contact the airport. And your second condition?” “Don’t bother Professor Lambert,” Audrey stated clearly.

“Understood. You can count on us,” the assistant responded.

In fact, the show’s team had contacted Professor Lambert before they called Audrey, but the professor had declined to appear on the show.

By 2:00 pm, the Sheysea Police announced that a certain Mr. Hughes had been questioned.

At the same time, the official Twitter account of the “Looking For Family” show posted a detailed statement. It outlined the events leading up to the incident, explaining why Anne was invited to the show, and that the team had arranged her travel to Sheysea, including the dates and flight details.

The show’s team didn’t just make empty claims. They also uploaded a recording of their conversation with Anne.

Anne’s lack of sophistication in the recording was evident as she left all arrangements to the show’s team and asked detailed questions about the flight process.

The post also included the complete video of the incident at the airport.

The footage clearly showed Anne being pushed into the crowd as she tried to reach Nathan. A man, who had been cursing and throwing objects at Amelia, forcefully pushed Anne from behind. The push had caused her to stumble into Amelia.

The detailed post sparked public outrage against those who had initially spread the maliciously edited video. People anticipated the upcoming episode that Anne was going to be in.

The program’s next episode was guaranteed to have a high viewership.

While some still criticized Anne for pushing into the crowd at her age, public sentiment online shifted more positively.

At 4:30 pm, Audrey saw the familiar phone number on her screen and answered.

“What did you say to Amelia?” Nathan’s voice demanded, tinged with anger.

“This morning, Ms. Doyle called to confirm if we were divorced. I told her the truth and assured her I would never look back.

Her eyes stared at the constantly refreshing comments on her computer screen.

Nathan was silent on the other end of the phone–only his heavy, angry breathing could be heard.

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