Meeting The One For Me Chapter 109

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 109-Audrey’s lips slightly parted in surprise.

How did Ryan know that?

It didn’t take long for the florist owner to arrange a bouquet of sunflowers with swift movements. before passing it to Audrey.

The owner spoke in Ruplanion, “Your boyfriend is very handsome! You look good together.” Hugging the sunflower, Audrey wanted to give an explanation. But she swallowed those words at the tip of her tongue when she thought of their itinerary tomorrow.

They were going to register their marriage.

In the end, she offered a gentle smile. “Thank you.” Nathan froze while watching Audrey, who was in the florist, as though someone had pressed the pause button on him.

Suddenly, his head hurt, and he hugged his head while his eyes remained fixated on the sunflowers.

When the florist owner asked what kind of flowers he wanted, why did he answer that it was sunflowers without much thought?

White roses were Amelia’s favorite though!

With furrowed brows, he discarded the flowers into the trash bin.

He then took a glance at Audrey again before leaving.

After taking a few steps forward, he suddenly stopped. The more he thought about it, the stranger it was.

Something was off between Ryan and Audrey; their intimacy didn’t make sense to Nathan.

Meanwhile, Yolanda happened to notice Ryan and Audrey leaving with a bouquet of sunflowers from the other side of the road.

Hurriedly, she took pictures of them and turned to call Amelia.

“Amy, guess what I saw while I was buying coffee outside? I’ll send the pictures.” She then hung up the call to share the pictures.

But her finger paused before she clicked the send button..

In one of the pictures, Nathan was holding a bouquet of sunflowers in front of Audrey and Ryan.

As for the other one, Audrey was wreathed in smiles with sunflowers in her arms while walking away with Ryan.

It somehow urged Yolanda to proceed with her plan of getting Audrey to sign the confidentiality agreement.

In the end, she only sent those two pictures to Amelia followed by a voice message.

“Amy, I saw Mr. Franklin. I think he’s here to pick you up, so I bought two cups of coffee. When I came out to invite him to come along together, I saw Audrey walking away with those flowers!

“I’m not suspecting Mr. Franklin because there’s another man next to her. But do you still remember how Mr. Franklin told you to believe him that Audrey wouldn’t expose the truth?

and “It’s just a guess, but did he sacrifice something in return for that promise? He might’ve kept it a secret from you considering how much he loves you. So, I think we should give her the money make her sign the confidentiality agreement. What do you say?” After that, Yolanda revisited the cafe to buy another cup of coffee for the sake of the show.

Previously, Yolanda had tried to convince Amelia to deal with Audrey in private by giving Audrey the money and making her sign the confidentiality agreement.

But Amelia was firm with her stance and wouldn’t agree to do that.

Although Yolanda had given in, she couldn’t bring herself to just let the loose ends be left untied.

As long as the confidentiality agreement was left unsigned, and Audrey didn’t take the money, uneasiness would keep weighing down on Yolanda’s chest.

On the other hand, Anfelia came out of the private lounge to pick up the call from Yolanda.

The moment she saw the pictures, her face fell, and she kept swiping between the two pictures.

Her breathing picked up its pace.

Sunflowers… Those were Audrey’s favorite!

Did Nathan remember something again?

Was he going to choose Audrey?

Matteo came out of the private lounge because Amelia had been away for a while.

There, he saw Amelia zooming in and out of the pictures with trembling fingers.

“Isn’t that your fiance?” Matteo asked with a smile.

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