Meeting The One For Me Chapter 106

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 106-Nathan answered gently, “Okay.” After she hung up the call, Amelia faced a frustrated Yolanda with a smile.

“Yolanda, help me contact EF Group. Nathan’s right. As long as the loose ends aren’t tied up yet, the underlying danger still exists. Since the contract is now clinched, it’s time to explain it to Mr. Russo.” Yolanda frowned in disapproval.

“Relax. We can trust Audrey. If she says that she’ll keep her lips tight, she will.

Besides, Ms. Erma did acknowledge that I’m fit for their image in the interview.

That’s why they signed me.

“When I speak to them, I’ll tell them that I’ve reached a compromise with Audrey.

I’ll let them know that she’s kind enough to keep quiet about it since we’ve signed the contract.

“I’ll put sincerity in my words. Whether to terminate the contract or to lower the endorsement fee, I’ll agree to their conditions. But I don’t think that they’ll terminate the contract, since they have a reputation to take care of.” Amelia tried to convince Yolanda while looking at the bright side. “How naive of you!” Yolanda clenched her teeth with her arms crossed. “Do you think that they’ll buy it when there’s no proof nor evidence? They might release an official statement about the contract termination to avoid any potential hazards. Then, they’ll reveal the reason you became an imposter. When that happens, your career is done for. People will dig up your relationship with Nathan and Audrey.

“Yolanda, didn’t you say that I could clear up the misunderstanding after signing the contract?” said Amelia with widened eyes. “You didn’t expect that I actually wanted to tell the truth, did you?” Yolanda pressed her lips into a thin line, and her silence served as an answer.

Amelia shut her eyes. “Based on the termination condition in the contract, it’s not like they’ll terminate it because I’m not Mr. Russo’s savior.” Yolanda disagreed, “Still, they may be willing to pay the compensation. If you want to take the money and retire to become Mrs. Franklin, I have nothing to say as long as he can fork up for the compensation. But if you want a future for your career, the contract mustn’t be terminated.” Amelia bit her lip.

“Your career took a hit when you were a rising star because of the mistress scandal. You’ve just secured your footing! You have a bright future-” “Stop it, Yolanda! I’ve made up my mind!” Amelia interrupted.

“Frankly speaking, Amelia, I don’t want you to reveal the truth. We’ve worked together since the very beginning, and there’s a potential in you to hit it big.

“EF Group will shore you up, and you’ll become a huge star! Since I’ve told you to steal Audrey’s credit, I thought of something to get rid of the potential hazard.

There’s a personal reason why I want Audrey to sign the confidentiality agreement.

212 “If she signs the confidentiality agreement and takes our money as compensation, we have a backup. solution when someone exposes this issue.

We can claim that you went up to Audrey to explain your stance, but she demanded money. We can get you out of trouble with this, I Before she could finish, her phone rangYolanda looked at her phone and took a moment to regain her composure.

Then, she answered the call, “Hello?” The person on the other side of the line said something that caused her to brighten up. “Okay, sure. I’ll bring Amelia over there!”

Amelia was stunned by the news.

Torn by the choices, Amelia bit her lip.

On the other side, the symposium ended smoothly.

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