Meeting The One For Me Chapter 104

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 104-“When I saved that person, I wasn’t expecting the other party to repay my favor.

Even if he’s Mr. Russo, I won’t change my stance.” Audrey smiled faintly. “I can keep quiet about this issue.

“But once I take the money from you, I’d need to step up for an explanation when someone exposes Ms. Doyle for taking the credit to be the spokesperson of EF Group. Besides, you might show the transaction to the public as proof and turn me into a scapegoat to protect her.” She hit right at the bullseye, and Nathan wasn’t happy with that.

The smile on her lips remained, but it could somehow give one a chill down the spine. “You brought over a confidentiality agreement, didn’t you? I’ve really made the wrong judgment all these years, Nathan Franklin. You make me feel sick.

“Why can’t you just stay out of my life after the divorce? Why must you keep contacting your bitchy ex -wife? Is it because the both of you can’t live a day without me?” Furious, he huffed, “Audrey Yeomans, do you want to see your family cause a scene at Lambert Corporation?” Audrey reciprocated with a sneer, “The same reason can’t be used to threaten me more than once. This is not enough to bargain for Amelia’s protection after you’ve used it to protect Charles as well.‘ When he failed to receive the answer he wished to hear, Nathan gritted his teeth.

She provoked him yet again. “Most importantly, there’s nothing else from me that you can take advantage of to protect Ms. Doyle.” It was actually a test.

當 His jaw tensed up. “I can fulfill any of your conditions, so just sign the confidentiality agreement.” “I want Charles dead,” she proposed indifferently.

“Audrey Yeomans!” “You can’t do it? Then you should return to where you came from.” She was closing the door.

Then, he held onto the door with all might. “Audrey Yeomans, you can name every other condition you wish for aside from that.” “Mr. Franklin, as long as you and Ms. Doyle stay out of my life, I can promise to keep quiet, because- as you said I don’t need this endorsement. Just stop bothering me and dragging me into your business.

“However, I will not sign any agreements made. The next time you come and trouble me, I won’t be as courteous anymore. If you get it, then let go of the door. I still have to head in to rest.” Audrey was calm until the end.

Nathan stared at her with slightly parted lips. He couldn’t believe that this was the only condition she wanted to fulfill.

“Let go of the door, or do you want me to release a statement on Twitter by tagging EF Group?” His adam’s apple shifted as he stared at her. In the end, he took a step back.

After closing the door, she leaned against the wall with her eyes tinging red.

2/2 Audrey would not tear through Amelia’s mask as of now, because it wasn’t the right time to reveal the truth.

It would be better to leave it for now and wait until Amelia’s fame grew big, so that a scandal as such could destroy her name immediately.

Magnanimity and forgiveness?

Neither of these traits fit Audrey.

That would be when it would hurt the most when her career plummeted to a downfall.

Needless to say, Amelia could still save her image by ignoring her greed and clearing up the misunderstanding with EF Group.

If she let her greed get the best of her… She’d better not blame Audrey for what was to come.

The trigger that angered Nathan on his birthday.

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