Meeting The One For Me Chapter 102

Meeting The One For Me

Meeting The One For Me Chapter 102-Amelia became quiet at that.

In the face of Amelia’s wronged expression, Yolanda regained her composure before saying, “Do you know how viral your name is right now because of EF Group? If you went over to correct them and said that their savior was Mr.

Franklin’s ex–wife, you might risk getting your relationship with him and Audrey exposed!

“Have you forgotten what happened two years ago? Back then, you were at the center of criticism and didn’t even dare to step out of your house. If you clear up the misunderstanding now, the consequences will be more severe than that!” Memories of the past fleeted before Amelia’s eyes as she bit down on her lip.

Then, her eyes tinged red.

On the other side, Nathan had been calling Audrey several times, but her phone was turned off.

The result was the same even after he had used another phone to call her.

He contacted Joseph as well, but his phone was turned off too.

Right then, Nathan recalled her mother saying that Joseph and Diego traveled to Slovomia for a symposium.

Had Audrey gone along as well?

Frowning, Nathan contacted Amella first.

“Sweetie, don’t worry. Just leave it to me, and I’ll sort things out. I won’t let Audrey say a word about it,” he cooed.

“Sorry for c–causing you trouble again, Nathan,” Amella choked out.

“I’m your fiance. This is my duty.” “I feel guilty. If it weren’t for me, you would’ve been with Audrey. Now that I’ve stolen her credits, I… I feel so guilty toward her,” she sobbed.

“I’m yours. Besides, it’s not like you stole her credits on purpose. Yolanda’s right.

You’re a showbiz figure and need this opportunity, but Audrey doesn’t. So, we can just settle this issue by giving her some money. Don’t worry, I’ll sort out everything in a perfect manner. Don’t cry, sweetie.” The call ended and he asked someone to track down Audrey’s whereabouts As expected, she had gone to Slovomia.

“Book me the earliest flight ticket to Slovomia,” he instructed.

As soon as Audrey checked into the hotel, Ryan called and asked. “Is everything alright?” “Yup. I’ve checked into the hotel.” She drew the curtains and exposed herself to the view.

“Any symptoms of vomiting or whatnot?” “Nope. The baby is behaving.” Just at the mention of the baby, her tone softened without realization.

In fact, Audrey had never shown signs of vomiting after getting pregnant.

He smiled. “Great. I’ll go visit you once my work is settled.”

“Alright. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up the call now. I have some documents to sort out.”

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