Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 83

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 83-Zhao Xixi nodded: “Okay, I promise you.”

It’s just a divorce procedure, no big deal Anyway, the divorce agreement is signed After Lin Xi left the studio, she took out her mobile phone and called her third brother Lin Bei. It showed that the phone was turned off.

what happened?

She called her third brother last night, but no one answered, and she didn’t reply to her WeChat messages. Now her phone has simply been turned off.

Lin Xi immediately called her assistant: “Go and check my third brother’s recent itinerary. Has he gone to work as a volunteer for the Red Cross Society abroad again?”

She had to quickly convince her third brother to come back for the operation, otherwise that woman Zhao Xixi would always use Mrs. Huo’s health as an excuse to stay by Huo Hanhui’s side and refuse to leave.

—— Here, Zhao Xixi was sitting alone at his workstation, thinking about what Lin Xi said just now and feeling a little absent-minded.

She really should have recorded it just now so that Huo Hanhui could see Bai Lianhua’s true face clearly It’s a pity that she missed the opportunity. No matter what she says now, Lin Xi probably won’t admit it.

Zhao Xixi covered her head, but Lin Xi really grasped her feelings for Grandma Huo. She didn’t want Grandma Huo to suffer from the pain.

But Huo Hanhui hoped that she could continue to play the role of a loving couple. If she filed for divorce, the man might have misunderstood something.

Lin Xi’s poisonous lotus flower will really give her a problem Zhao Xixi thought for a day, and finally sent a WeChat message to Huo Hanhui: [Are you free next Monday? 】 It’s Friday today. Let’s make an appointment to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau on Monday.

Zhao Xixi waited for a while, but there was no reply. She put her phone aside, not wanting to interfere with her work and drawing.

Not long after, her phone vibrated, and she immediately took it over to look at it. The result was Third Brother’s WeChat message: [Xixi, I’m here on a business trip. Let’s have dinner together tonight. 】 Zhao Xixi thought it was Huo Hanhui’s reply.

She glanced at the dialog box, but still no one responded She simply got off work early and went out to attend the appointment On the way, the sixth cousin Lin Wusheng happened to be coming over for filming, so the three of them arranged to meet at the same restaurant.

Zhao Xixi had just walked into the restaurant when someone behind her called her name: “Miss Zhao?”

She turned back to see Lin Xi and cast her eyes behind her – she saw Huo Hanhui also walking in. Apparently the two of them came together.

Sure enough, fate is just a bitch Zhao Xixi’s tone was calm: “Well, what a coincidence.”

Huo Hanhui narrowed his eyes slightly. He didn’t expect to meet her here, coming alone? Or with whom?

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