Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 80

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 80-Did she misunderstand before? Although he is a scumbag, he is a good person?

Zhang Wenwen walked out of the office and said sarcastically: “Zhao Xixi, you haven’t got your balance back yet? Everyone is waiting for your biggest order.”

Qin Feng stood at the door of the office: “Okay, just pay the balance slowly, don’t worry.”

Zhao Xixi shook her phone: “I’m sorry, I’ve already got the balance of 800,000 yuan back.

Qin Feng smiled and said, “I knew you could do it, Xixi.”

Zhang Wenwen saw Qin Feng speaking for Zhao Xixi and said angrily: “But I heard that some people rolled on the mattress with the male owner of their villa when they went to supervise the work. Can’t we get back the balance due to this kind of relationship? “

Qin Feng scolded: “Wenwen, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Why, why don’t people tell her what she dared to do?”

Haha, Zhao Xixi laughed out loud. She stared at Zhang Wenwen: “Are you jealous? Last time, I don’t know who heard that the man in the villa was handsome and rich, so he took the initiative to supervise the work in the villa, but he was kicked out.”

Zhang Wenwen’s expression suddenly changed: “Try talking nonsense again!”

“Oh, I happen to have the WeChat account of the villa servant. Do you want me to verify it again?”

Zhang Wenwen was so angry that he raised his hand to hit someone. Zhao Xixi grabbed the other person’s hand and slapped him with his backhand.

“Zhao Xixi, how dare you hit me!”

“You were the one who made the first move. There is surveillance here and the pictures are clear.”

Zhang Wenwen was so angry that he was shaking all over and looked at Qin Feng: “Senior, you just saw it.”

Qin Feng quickly pulled Zhang Wenwen back to the office and winked at her: “Xixi, you should get off work early today.”

Zhao Xixi didn’t stay in the office much, packed up her things and left.

However, she remembered what Huo Hanhui said. Grandma Huo’s health was not very good, which was really worrying.

When she got home, she mentioned this matter to her aunt The eldest aunt sighed: “Okay, you go. Mrs. Huo is a good person. Thanks to her for protecting you these three years.”

Zhao Xixi simply packed a few changes of clothes. After all, she only needed to stay for two days.

She saw the folic acid in the drawer and put the vitamin bottle containing folic acid into her bag. Huo Hanhui had discovered it last time, so no one would doubt it anymore.

After having dinner with her eldest aunt, she took a taxi to the wedding villa.

Zhao Xixi walked into the hall with her pocket in hand and saw Grandma Huo and her mother-in-law Li Rulan sitting on the sofa. She didn’t expect that Grandma Huo had come early.


what to do?

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