Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 79

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 79-She swallowed down her anger, adjusted her expression, walked into the office, and said with a smile: “Han Hui, the chicken soup here”

“Take it away, and don’t send these things here again.”

Huo Hanhui didn’t even raise his head, he kept looking at the document in his hand.

Lin Xi stood there, muttering Zhao Xixi’s name silently in her heart, feeling extremely hateful.

She picked up the thermos bucket next to her: “By the way, Han Hui, my third brother will come to Nancheng on a business trip soon.”

Huo Hanhui stopped and looked up at her: “When?”

“It’s just a matter of these few days. I’ll make an appointment then. How about the three of us having dinner together?”

Huo Hanhui nodded: “Okay.”

Lin Xi’s eyes flashed with pride, and she deliberately mentioned: “By the way, just now Miss Zhao said you would let her move back in?”

She felt that Zhao Xixi must be lying!

“Well, grandma will come over for a visit soon to avoid exposing her secrets. Before the operation, I don’t want her to worry.”

Lin Xi’s expression was a little stiff: “So that’s it. Don’t worry, I will advise the third brother to take time out as soon as possible.”

Huo Hanhui narrowed his eyes and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s not hard, this is what I should do.”

Lin Xi took the thermos bucket and left the office with a sneer on her lips: Zhao Xixi, what are you arguing with me for?

She must persuade her third brother to perform an operation on the old lady as soon as possible, so that she can get rid of that arrogant woman Zhao Xixi as soon as possible!

—— Huo Hanhui was alone in the office, looking at the documents for a long time and feeling a little upset.

He called Secretary Li: “Transfer the balance to her.”

Secretary Li immediately arranged for someone to do it, and then put the takeaway lunch box on the table: “Boss, it’s time for lunch.”

Huo Hanhui put down the documents in his hands and came to the coffee table. When he saw the soup in the box, he suddenly said with a cold face: “What is this?”

“White radish and pork ribs soup, you used to like this.”

Huo Hanhui remembered what Zhao Xixi said just now, and he rubbed his temples angrily: “Don’t let me see this dish in the future!”

—— Zhao Xixi had just returned to the studio when she received a bank account message on her phone.

She counted the amount that arrived. It was exactly 800,000, a penny less.

She thought Huo Hanhui wouldn’t pay the balance. After all, he heard her calling him a bitch in the office.

I didn’t expect that he actually transferred the money to me.

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