Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 77

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 77-Secretary Li glanced at the position of the photo frame: “Would it be too conspicuous if it were hung here?”

“I just hung it up to show grandma.”

Secretary Li showed doubts that should not be expected at this age. He felt that he could not understand the boss’s operations more and more.

For several days, Zhao Xixi was a little absent-minded.

After all, the order is over and the balance has not yet been paid.

But when she thought of Huo Hanhui, she remembered the oolong kiss that had appeared in the hall that day, and she wanted to dig a hole and get in.

Zhang Wenwen came over with coffee: “Some people’s million-dollar orders have been closed for several days, but they still haven’t received the balance. Maybe they have offended someone and can’t get the money.” Xiu Shuzhu Zhao Xixi took her mobile phone and went outside. She called Secretary Li directly: “Well, I don’t have anything else to do. I just want to ask when the balance will be paid.”

“Young lady, please wait a moment, I’ll ask the boss.”

Secretary Li took the phone to report the matter to Huo Hanhui. The man sat on a large chair and opened his thin lips coldly: “Why did she come to ask you? Did you pay her?”

“I-I’m not sure about this. Maybe your phone number can’t be reached?”


Huo Hanhui took out his mobile phone. The signal was obviously very good and there were no missed calls.

That woman just didn’t call him on purpose!

Will he owe her money?

He said coldly: “Let her come to the group to get it in person.”

Secretary Li always feels that this is like a fight between gods, and it will always be the mortals like them who suffer.

After Zhao Xixi received Secretary Li’s call, she cursed angrily for a long time, but that little bitch Zhang Wenwen kept waiting to see the joke. She is very short of money now.

Just go, no one is afraid of whom Zhao Xixi packed up her things and took a taxi directly to Huo Group.

She looked up at this majestic office building. In the three years of marriage, as Mrs. Huo, she had never been here once.

She put away all the messy thoughts in her heart, told the front desk her name, and took the elevator directly to the top floor.

Zhao Xixiong walked to the office with high spirits She opened the door and found someone else inside Lin Xi was sitting on the sofa. When he looked up and saw her, the smile on his face froze in place: “What are you doing here? What do security guards do for food!”

Zhao Xixi didn’t expect to meet Lin Xi either She saw the thermos bucket placed on the coffee table. She probably sent love nutrition products to Huo Hanhui.

Lin Xi’s expression changed: “Get out, this is not the place you should be.”

Zhao Xixi walked in openly: “I came up the same way you came up. Why should I go out?”

After she finished speaking, she sat directly on the sofa opposite She is here to ask for a bill, so what are you afraid of!

Lin Xi was so angry that her waist still hurt, Zhao Xixi, this crazy woman!

If she hadn’t wanted to show generosity in front of Huo Hanhui, she would have asked her brother to find someone to deal with Zhao Xixi!

Zhao Xixi glanced at the thermos bucket and smelled the smell coming from inside: “Chicken soup?”

Lin Xi said proudly: “This is chicken soup stewed with century-old ginseng. It is prescribed by my third brother’s hospital. It is not like some people who usually make white radish stewed with pork ribs. It is not popular at all.”

Zhao Xixi smiled half-heartedly: “It’s a pity that Huo Hanhui doesn’t like eating these. He only likes to eat the white radish stewed pork ribs I made. Do you think he is a bitch?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin Xi looked behind her: “Han Hui.”

Zhao Xixi swallowed her saliva and said that she has been having a bad time lately!

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