Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 60

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 60-“Humph, damn girl, you still know that I am your grandma. That is your brother, you can’t be so ungrateful!”

The old lady looked up at Huo Hanhui again: “Son-in-law, is it convenient for you to see?”

The adoptive mother nodded beside her. If her son-in-law is so rich, the family will be prosperous in the future. This time she asked her son-in-law to borrow money to buy a house and next time she will buy a car! Next time, help her son and daughter find a good job!

Zhao Xixi’s breathing was slightly suffocated.

They had already signed a divorce agreement. If he lent money to his adoptive parents again, then she would really become the money-worshiping girl Huo Hanhui said.

Zhao Xixi spoke first and looked at her adoptive mother and grandma: “Didn’t you hear just now? I have the final say in this family, and he has no right to speak. I asked him to go east, but he didn’t dare to go west. It’s useless for you to look for him!” “

The adoptive mother’s expression changed and she said suspiciously: “Damn girl, just brag. Your husband is rich and powerful. He must have the final say in this family. How can it be that you, a woman, have the final say? Are you right, son-in-law?” ?” Zhao Xixi pursed her lips and looked at Huo Hanhui nervously, not wanting him to agree.

What she said just now was obvious enough.

Huo Hanhui rolled up his sleeves and looked down at her: “Come here.”

A flash of doubt flashed in Zhao Xixi’s eyes, but she still walked towards him, not knowing what he meant.

As soon as she got closer, the man put his hands on her shoulders and held her in his arms affectionately.

Zhao Xixi stiffened for a moment, opened her apricot eyes wide, and looked at him suspiciously.

Huo Hanhui raised his head and faced the two greedy women on the sofa: “I have plenty of money.”

Grandma and adoptive mother looked at each other, showing a touch of ecstasy: [It’s done. 】 The next second, the man continued: “But all my money is in the hands of my wife. She has the final say in this family.”

Zhao Xixi heard his words, which made her brain buzz.

The two were so close that she could almost smell the faint breath of mint on his body and the strong heartbeat from his chest.

The man lowered his head and whispered to her: “So you can make your own arrangements on how to use the money. I don’t have any idea.”

Zhao Xixi saw his handsome face approaching. Although his tone was gentle, his deep eyes were still unclear.

She didn’t quite understand why Huo Hanhui suddenly stood by her side.

She quickly adjusted her mood and turned to look at her adoptive mother and grandma. She saw the greedy expressions on their faces. She probably didn’t expect Huo Hanhui to say that she was the one who made the decision in this family, so she regretted offending her just now?

Suddenly I feel a little refreshed!

The stepmother immediately said shamelessly: “Xixi, you see your husband has spoken, please lend us some money quickly.”

Grandma also nodded quickly: “My son-in-law is so generous, so you can’t be stingy with your own family.”

Oh, as expected, shameless people are invincible in the world.

Zhao Xixi said coldly: “Even if I donate to the Red Cross, I won’t give you a penny. I’ll give up on this.”

“Damn girl, you have strong wings. We adopted you and sent you to school. Now that you have a brother and are married to such a rich man, do you want to get rid of us right away?”

Hearing the word brother, Huo Hanhui lowered his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him: “When will you have a brother?”

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