Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 6

Meet My Brothers By Red Thirteen in Chinese Chapter 6-Huo Hanhui’s eyes fell on the dirty snakeskin bag, and he frowned and said: “Playing hard to get again, who do you want to show pity to this time? Grandma is not here!”

After three years of marriage, apart from not liking her, he has never treated her badly financially.

The divorce also gave her a large amount of compensation, which was enough for her to have enough food and clothing.

Does she really want to leave, or is she just acting?

Zhao Xixi squeezed her dead cell phone tightly. She still hadn’t digested the news that her aunt told her that she had found her family. She once dreamed about being found by her family and never being alone again.

Zhao Xixi was a little absent-minded, and in Huo Hanhui’s eyes, it seemed that he had acquiesced.

Lin Xi pretended to limp and chased her out: “Brother Han Hui, she just packed her things to leave, but she just took a dirty snakeskin bag from the kitchen. It was useless even if I tried to persuade her.”

The housekeeper hurriedly added: “Master, I just wanted to persuade the young lady not to use this bag, but the young lady refused and scattered her clothes all over the floor. She obviously had a brand-name suitcase that she didn’t use, but she pretended to be pitiful. If word spread, she would think that the Huo family He abused her.”

The air was extremely quiet. Zhao Xixi stood there like a piece of wood as he listened to the two people slandering him.

She looked at Huo Hanhui in front of her, wondering what he would say The man’s eyes were blazing and he said coldly: “Don’t you have anything to say?”


A flash of sarcasm flashed in Zhao Xixi’s eyes: “They have said everything that needs to be said, and I have nothing to say.”

You won’t believe it anyway, so why waste time explaining it?

“Zhao Xixi, aren’t you satisfied? What else do you want?”

In his eyes, she is a woman who married him for money Zhao Xixi broke the pot and replied: “I just want to be a rich wife who only knows how to spend money. Look at other people’s wives. They are either shopping or having beauty afternoon tea. After I married you, I went there the most The place where I live is the kitchen, and the farthest place is the vegetable market. Three years later, I was kicked out by you, and I wasted three years of my youth! Now I don’t want to serve you anymore, okay?” She vented her years of resentment in one breath and immediately felt much better.

Sure enough, if you are a person without quality, your life will be much smoother.

“Are you done?”

Huo Hanhui had doubts in his eyes. He had given her a card for home use, and her monthly pocket money was one million.

I usually ask the housekeeper to bring big-name clothes and bags every season.

He also had her uncle’s medical expenses arranged by someone else.

Now that the divorce has given her a large amount of property, enough for her to have enough food and clothing, he has done his best.

Does she think it’s not enough?

“I can’t finish it in a while.”


“You can listen if you want, but you have to pay more.”

Huo Hanhui pursed his thin lips coldly: “Zhao Xixi, you love money so much, and you will not end well if you are greedy.”

Sure enough, after saying so much, she still felt that the money was too little.

Huo Hanhui was a little disappointed. When he saw Zhao Xixi’s stubborn eyes, which were clean and clear, he really didn’t understand how this vain and lying woman could have such clean eyes!

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